Thursday, March 06, 2008

Good Plant, Sad Plant

Pretty plant, dead plant. Primrose are funny little things. If you don't water them, they tend to droop. (Really?) Most of the time, they come back after a little water. But sometimes, they're too far gone. Obviously, I let this one go too long between drinks. It looks to have also sat in water at one point which shows in the moldy leaves. I have since taken the healthy plants out of the second pot they come in to remedy this. This poor little fellow was laid to rest in the trash bin. Sorry little buddy. (Couldn't rightly give him the proper burial in the toilet as I did earlier in the week to blue fish, now could I? Blue fish to be replaced tomorrow to keep the feng shui in balance in my study. Hmm, I still owe a Feng Shui 101, don't I? Shame on me.)

Obviously, there's not a whole lot going on here. Well, actually there was which kept me from doing anything. I had more workmen in to do "this" which turned into this and that. You can never get away with just a few little things here and there; a whole other animal tends to always rear its ugly head. We had some damaged transoms from last summer's excessive heat (above picture--see the glass insulation oozing out?); so I thought now would be a good time to have them replaced, before we have to paint the outside trim in the spring, etc. Well, of course, when they were being torn out, mold and rot was found in the trim surrounding the above-mentioned transoms. One door jam turned into two door jams and six windows! Oy! Whenever I hear the word mold, I can't get rid of it fast enough. Funny thing is, all the damage was on the back side of the house which gets a full seven or eight hours of direct sun. But, it is also the side that gets the blunt of all of our storms here. Of course, it didn't end there. Since I paid them for a full day's work, I was going to get a full day out of them. I found the "Honey DO" list that the honey don't do and gave it to them. I had them pull out three fluorescent light fixtures (ew) and replace them with incandescent lighting. I had them replace the old decrepit fixture above the garage doors that hasn't worked in years with a new one that actually matched the house (and it only cost $30!). And I had them replace all the weather stripping around the doors (that the cats have torn off). I got a lot done! ha. There is always upkeep in a house. I'm just so glad to get rid of that nasty mold before it went any further. Yuk.

I admit to, whole heartedly, being a paper freak. And so a couple of days ago, when I couldn't find that perfect envelope to use in a "love" letter, I had to order some from Paper Source. Yes, this is the store I feel like I've died and gone to heaven each time I visit in DC. Of course, I missed it the last trip as it wasn't that kind of trip. So I went online and did a quick inventory replenishing. Oooh, my goody box came today! I need to start getting more love letters out now that I'm all stocked up! Look for yours in the mail soon! Guess I better go and get started on that.


Peggy said...

wish I had your workers here for a full day! Am so far behind on getting things finished around the house. Think I would fair better moving into the goats house! LOL

Beth said...

Oh my,,you worked those workers hard didn't ya girlie? Wowza!! Are you ready for our blizzard tonight? Glad we didn't plan our outing for this saturday. Can you believe what a difference a week makes in our weather. Wish you lived closer so we could make some snow Angels together!!! I will try to IM you tonight, gonna write you this morning too.
Luv You so mucho!!!

Artsy Etc. said...

Poor primrose. My it rest in peace. I too, and a complete paper freak! My supply is beginning to run me out of the house. Miss you!

Janet said...

Those workmen had their hands full! But isn't it nice to get all those little things done?

I love all your new paper goodies. Maybe we should start a group for Paper Addictive Artists or PAA!!!

robinbird said...

wow you do know how to delegate girl! awesome getting so much for your hard earned money... i am extremely impressed!

Stephanie said...

Got YOUR money's worth, huh? But it's a great feeling to get things marked off the list.



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