Monday, March 31, 2008


It doesn't get much better than this. Fresh orange, anyone? This beautiful tree sits beside the back patio of my BIL. The orange blossoms fill the air with the sweetest aroma. Someone pinch us.

The flight was a short four hours from Nashville to San Diego. I am always enthralled with the views from the airplane once we get closer to the West coast. I find the terrain absolutely beautiful. I could bore you with many photos taken from the air, but I won't.

We have been busy since we arrived. We finally got to meet our little niece, and God daughter, after waiting three years! Shame on us. She is as precious as she is in the pictures and on the phone. In fact, even more so. She has taken to us as us to her, like we have always been in each other's lives. Such a precious little girl.

As promised, I tried to hide my head in the sand. Right? Well, actually, we hit the SD Zoo the first day. It is amazing.

Look at this beauty.
The family took us out the the 94th Aero Squadron for the hub's 50th. What a fun place!

Today, we drove up the coast a little to La Jolla Cove to see the seals and their pups. Awwww. How sweet and how beautiful the entire area is. Look closely and you can see the little ground squirrel. Another awwwww.

Seals in the cove. My SIL remembers swimming here when she was little. Since the seals have taken over, some citizens are up in arms to get them out and return it to a children's swimming "cove." As my SIL says, "Like we don't have enough other places to go--leave 'em alone."

It was such enjoyment watching the mothers with their babes. Showing them the ropes, so to speak. I think I could have sat there for hours, watching one mother and her pup. She would jump up on one of the rocks and wait for the baby. He tried and tried. Couldn't make it. So she would jump in and they would swim for a little bit and then come back to try again. No luck. She then coaxed him over to the beach and she waddled out. He didn't want anything to do with that. He stayed close by the shore until she came back in after him. It was just heart warming watching them play. When we returned home, I was telling my SIL's mother about watching the mother trying so hard to help the little one up on the rock. She told me "maybe tomorrow." Yes, maybe tomorrow the little fellow will be able to make his way up on that rock and feel the warmth of the sun on his little tummy.

We then drove to Del Mar and had lunch at Jake's, right on the Pacific. This was my Torte Milanese. Oh my. It was as good as it looks, I guarantee.

And then to end the day, we arrived at the Hotel del Coronado. Such beauty and pure bliss, indeed. Sigh.


Beth said...

Wow, what a great time you are having. I have always wanted to see San Diego. Pictures are wonderful. Happy late Birthday to the Hub! Miss Ya!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Rosa and Hubs:
What a glorious time it looks like you are having. I have always wanted to get out to San Diego. It surely looks like everything I imagined it would be. How wonderful it is that the two of you were able to get away for the hubs' 50th (by the way hubs.....happy 50th tomorrow). I will be thinking of you and here is a toast to you for many many more. I am anxiously awaiting your return so we can chat and I can hear about your great trip out West with the in-laws. Glad to hear that you finally got to meet your niece/god daughter. Yes! little girls always seem to warm the heart.
Take care and I will talk with you when you get back.

robin bird said...

what a beautiful time you are having! just what you needed said you need a break and by golly this is more than that. seeing mommas of any kind tending babies is a drug that can't be replaced by anything the pharmaceutical companies can devise. it makes my breathing slow don, my blood pressure lower and the happy chemicals just float all through my body.

you take glorious photos! have a wonderful time and we will wait for the next chapter..

GreenishLady said...

What a great place. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Can't help it. I am jealous. Very jealous. And really sick of all the snow/rain we have had. I'll be OK though, as warmer weather is just around the corner. Right?

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It looks like you had a great time there! Thanks for that wonderful post! Everything looks fantastic! I love the picture taken from the aeroplane...



ChrisJ said...

OH! You were right in my back yard! Well, not literally. But looks like you hit a lot of good spots. 94th Aero Squadron have the BEST French Onion soup. We are probably going to the aero space museum tomorrow -- the theater has a special omni view movie of the Grand Canyon. Did you see the flower fields at Carlsbad? Now that really is my backyard.

ChrisJ said...

I meant the Reuben H. Fleet space museum in Balboa Park, right by the zoo.



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