Saturday, March 08, 2008

Purple Grits?

With my parents being from Georgia and Texas, yes, I grew up on grits. Love them. Would eat them every morning if I weren't so lazy. Hey, I even love hominy but admit to not having any since I was a child way back when. My mom used to saute it in a pan and serve them piping hot!

After writing my last post and thinking about last night's dinner, I got grits on the mind. I had purchased a bag at our local farmer's market the last time we were at Riverside and I had yet to open it. Well, now was the time. Only thing, these were blue corn grits.

I cooked them up--no these weren't the instant type. They cooked for a good 20 minutes. And they continued to get prettier and prettier with each minute.

They were just as good as the white variety but the color threw me off. Perhaps if they had matched the bowl, all would have been good? Oh yea, did I mention, I am the only one in this quasi Southern family that will even eat grits? The Yankee hub would only eat my Aunt Mary's grits (the true gentleman he is, it wasn't because he actually like them). I thought about taking a bowl down to mom, but I was afraid the color may throw her for a loop. And so, I sat and enjoyed my bowl of grits by myself trying to think of the right time and with what food to serve purple grits with. Perhaps a multi-colored dinner party? What other foods come in odd colors? Maybe I could serve it with some Jamon Serrano (black footed pig) with a glass of blood orange juice? Lovely combo. I think not. Do you think the pink of shrimp would match this color purple? I'm going to have to give this some more thought, obviously.


Storybook Woods said...

Being a CA girl. I am use to eating polenta. I have not had blue corn grits. Looks wonderful. I would have it with grilled asparagus and los of cheese. Clarice

Pink Magnolia said...

I don't like grits...never have...I'm not an oatmeal person either (gak)

Those looked like they were maybe flavored with berries or something...served with a fruit might be pretty....

Have a good evening!

robinbird said...

hmmm colored food to go with purple grits... yikes! it seems they are best sitting on their own in a white bowl and being eaten at your house and by you alone. they don't seem to wanna play well with other's :0

Vallen said...

Oh my yes, pink shrimp and purple grits - sounds like heaven to me

Beth said...

What a colorful breakfast. Which was good on a snowy white morning. Yummy, black footed pig and blood orange juice? Now that would really be colorful!!! Your too funny my friend!!!
luv Ya!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Wow, blue grits! I'd love to find hominy or blue cornmeal here... I love Tex-Mex food!



Martha said...

The grits are pretty...but the bowl is a beauty! Is that Emma Bridgewater?!? Love it!!! :o)

Stephanie said...

Blue corn grits, huh? I think I may have to find me some of those. We love grits around here, and if no one else will eat them, well then more for me!

Jeanie said...

I discovered grits last summer in S. Carolina. (Actually, I discovered them as a child and wrote them off. Now, like many things, they are off the "off" list!) Sounds great!



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