Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Randomness

This is one of my calla lilies I brought down to Riverside. They are magnificent.

Bella looking for her next catch as I catch up on reading about the Sparkledrawers Sisters on Vallen's site.

The kid and I shared a muffuletta yesterday for lunch. Just like being in NOLA.

Felix's Fish Camp, which I will tell you all about later. Major yum.

One of Wintzell's many signs. I liked the woman quote. hehe.

Here's the kid trying to "coax" the tailless lizard from under the sofa. Didn't work. He corrected me last night and let me know the lizard was living with us for two days, not one. It was Sunday when all the commotion started.

It's a rainy day which is always fun. The kid and I have plans to do some more running around. Lord forbid we ever sit still for a minute or two. The hub is in the Carolina's for the day--bidness--but comes home tonight. Think we will spend the evening on the Gulf since we will be picking him up in Pensacola. Always lots to do there.

And, they're off! Well, first I have to wake the kid up. Hey, he's on Spring Break!


Jeanie said...

So, did Bella catch the tailless lizard? I'm so glad you posted that photo of her. She's the best.

Tammy said...

Thanks for the link to Vallen's looks like fun!

Naughty Bella! Hubby was just here and he said he believes the lizards tail will grow back...imagine that??

I've never had a mufaletta...looks nummy!

We've got rain and floods so enjoy your nice spring break *smile*

Quiltmoose - Dagmar said...

The calla lilies photo is gorgeous!! Well, all your photos are, but this one is excellent.
Love the pelicans :-))


Beth said...

Every thing looks so pretty down there. So you had a rainy day too, well sometimes they are fun if you don't have to drive in Crashville traffic. The kid is getting so grown up since last time I saw him. Cute too! Keep having fun my friend. Miss You!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh this looks so nice, a real family holiday :-) Enjoy!



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