Monday, March 10, 2008

Anniversary Flowers and Pysanka Time

Of course, I had to take some close ups of my anniversary flowers. They're so pretty.

I love this one green mossy/ferny sprig. Only one though. Wouldn't an entire bouquet be perfect for St. Paddy's Day?

After much procrastination, I finally decided to do some pysanky this year. Low and behold, I found all of my pysanky supplies after much searching. For some reason, my dyes were in the rec room and my patterns and kistky (my writing tools) were in a box in the basement. I have become so disorganized since redoing several rooms in the house, I don't know where anything is at this point. And, of course, that drives me absolutely mad. I was truly doing so much better last year in my organizational skills before all the demo began. Now I honestly have no desire to straighten it all out again. None whatsoever. In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. My one yucky thing a day has turned into doing something totally different than cleaning. But I am still doing one yucky thing a day, promise.

Yesterday, I decorated two eggs. This one is my first attempt at getting my hand steady. I started with a pattern then messed up and used my imagination for the rest. The first egg is normally the shakiest of the season, one I will never give away! Yuk. With the traditional wax process, it will take several more days to see what the egg actually looks like--similar to batiking fabric. You can see the process in a previous post here. I can already tell that this one will not be anything special.

I'm thinking about giving one of my pysanka away in a drawing a little later. The One World One Heart was so much fun, I'm already reading for another one! I will keep you all posted. First, let's see if any of my eggs come out worthy of giving away. Now there is the million dollar question.


Pink Magnolia said... now I know what a pysanky is...LOL...I had no idea what you were talking about in your email...I just figured it was something crafty...LOL!

I looked at the other post and man the tools look like something you could torture somebody with....

Have fun!!

Jeanie said...

You are taking me to spring! Thank you!

The pysanka is gorgeous. I've watched demos of that and boy, does it take a lot of time, creativity and work. Three cheers for you!

PEA said...

I am so loving that close up of the rose!! I'm really missing my flower garden right now. Oh Rosa, you may see your mistakes when you're making a pysanka but oh my, they look perfect to me!! I've always admired those who can make those...I have no imagination when it comes to drawing things on an egg...I'd probably end up with a happy face on mine! lol Oooooh I do hope you decide to have a giveaway for one of them:-)

Now as for your purple grits....hmmmmm! lol We don't have grits here, never heard of anyone making them around here so they're alien to me! hehe I'll trust you when you say you enjoy them:-) Love ya! xoxo

Anonymous said...

gorgeous flower shots.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Peggy said...

where do you get all that talent and energy? Its been so long since I have done anything that didn't have to do with a goat I have forgotten what projects I had going.

Vallen said...

ooooo, I love these. What delicate work and so incredibly beautiful

Beth said...

My goodness you are so talented. You have to teach me how to do this one day. Your so talented!!!!
I know you really enjoy doing this fun artistic endeavor!!!
Miss You Lotz

robinbird said...

well gosh thank you so very much for the introductory education on ukranian egg art! these will be wonderful to watch in the ongoing transformation process. i am sure that this initial egg will have the honored spot of 'egg of inspiration' for the rest of the eggs to follow.

lovely anniversary flowers too rosa. and thank you very much for the whimsical package. i have really enjoyed my 'banner' as well as the other bits and bobs included..

Linda said...

I didn't know you were so artistic and crafty. I love those eggie thingies.

Anonymous said...

I have all my own stuff yet never make any! I need my gf so we could do it 2gether!!! Come home...oops......come to the ole' hometown....Miss you ~ Aim

Anonymous said...

I have all my own stuff yet never make any! I need my gf so we could do it 2gether!!! Come home...oops......come to the ole' hometown....Miss you ~ Aim

Chaney said...

Awesome!! Among flower, rose is the most beautiful one. Rose is a symbol of love and passion.

Gifts Perpetual said...

I love those flowers. I've been searching on the internet for a while now, and I haven't seen anything as delicate as those little colourful flowers. It's so simple and gorgeous Colours, but fun at the same time. Your work is incredible! Thanks for sharing!!!

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