Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bloom Where You are Planted

Unless you're in a Chinese pot. Lordy.

I transplanted these plants less than two weeks ago after they had become root bound. Of course, I went on a mission to find larger pots to move them into and decided on these orangy ones from Tuesday Morning. Mistake. I should have known better when I read they were made in China. First of all, once I transplanted them and watered them really well, one was flooding. Yep. I forgot to see if it had a hole in it for drainage. One did, one did not. So, I had to go and buy a tile bit to drill a hole in the bottom of it. Ok. Nothing is ever easy. They were looking pretty good when we left for Riverside. But when we returned home, ooooof. They were drooping big time. They had been watered once while we were gone and I keep one of those plant nannies in it (see below), so there was not excuse for them to be drooping.

When I inspected the pot, the paint has cracked and is seeping. Already. It probably is painted with lead paint as far as I know. Probably killing the plants. And so today, I went out and bought two terra cotta pots and transplanted them, again. Let's hope they do a better job at helping these big babies grow.

As mentioned above, I found these "plant nannies" somewhere along one of my journeys. Since we do leave town quite often and sometimes the plants don't get watered, I thought these were a good idea to stick in the dirt while transplanting.

You're supposed to used old wine bottles; but since we don't drink enough wine to have a couple of bottles sitting around, I found these pretty bottles, again at Tuesday Morning for about $3 each. Hey, cheaper than a bottle of wine! (Ew. Look how hard our water is!)

Windy here today. I'm about ready to fall asleep. I had to take the hub to the airport at 4:30 this morning! Zzzzzzzz. And, I have to pick him up after 11 tonight. Yep, I think it's nappy time down south.


Tammy said...

I visited a Tuesday Morning store a couple of weeks back...interesting array of items there. Too bad about your pots!

Windy here too...came home to snow flurries yesterday...double ooofff!!

Have a great nap! ♥

Jeanie said...

Good morning to you! Hope you had a lovely nap!

I have one of those plants -- grow fast and droop like crazy. Bummer about the pots, but I like your little watering things. Very nice!

Pearl said...

I just lost a plant that I had for a very long time...It was sad. I am going to solve your advise for my next plant.


robin bird said...

now ...are those begonias you transplanted...? or what? those nannies are something amazing! a plant sitter like a dog sitter or baby sitter!
hails, rain, snow here and it is spring most definitely..yikes for some of the plants!



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