Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bella. Bad, Bad Bella

Bella is definitely feeling her felinity, I think, for the first time. Monday was her day to shine as a huntress and a cat. Fun for her, not so for me.

Bella caught her second lizard and brought it into the house. Fun. Of course, I was the one who saw her with the thing dangling from her mouth. At which time I screamed for the hub to "grab it."

Of course, when he grabbed it (it being Bella), the thing (thing being the lizard) fell out of her mouth. It was at this time that somehow the lizard's tail fell off. Ew. I think perhaps Bella started the process and the hub finished it off. Ew. OMG. This river living is a tad much for a city girl. The tail was just a wiggling as I yelled for the hub to "get it outta here!" (It, this time, being the flopping tail.) Unfortunately, the tail was the only thing to be thrown out and the lizard has been living with us for an entire day now.

That is, until this afternoon. Yes, the saga continued. The kid and I had just arrived home after a day of running around. I went towards my desk, and there sat the tailless lizard. I had hoped he had already left after leaving the doors open all day. No such luck. Thank goodness we have little butterfly nets. One truly came in handy. The kid was a real pro with the thing. Poor little lizard. He must wonder what in the world is going on in his life. I just wonder where he slept last night. Ew.

Good news is, everyone is where they are supposed to be. Lizard out, Bella in. The little brat actually did get outside the screened-in porch yesterday afternoon. Must have been feeling her oats after catching the lizard. Little brat. She got out in the fenced-in area and just played hide-and-go-seek with the kid and I. I was so mad at her. Should have just left her out there and let her fend for herself. Well, of course I couldn't have done that. But I tell you what, she was on my you-know-what list last night. Brat.

We're all made up today though. All is good at Riverside. Knock wood.


M&Co said...

Oh gosh that is disgusting!I'm feeling with you! I just can not stand it small animals like lizards, but I think its better with a lizard than a mouse?!Good thing the tail and the lizard are now far gone ;-)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Cats are terrible "monsters" ;-P... Poor little lizzard!



Beth said...

LOL,,what a fun day you had!!! I can see you now watching that tail flop around. Bad Bella! Its a nasty day here today, be glad your down there. Talk to you when you get back!!! Miss You!!!

Jeanie said...

I'm sorry, I laughed till I cried. With every photo and every escapade I become more and more certain that Stimpy found the next of his nine lives living in Tennessee and enjoying vacations on the river!

robin bird said...

such an exciting hunting story! wow! i love lizards.. yes i do. with all your "ew's" and "catch 'ems" written during your exciting re-enactment i take it you do not love lizards, tailess or not. bella surely deserves to engage in a fun activity while on spring break just like you...



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