Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anniversary Dinner with Snow on Top

Last night, the hub, kid and I went to one of our favorite little restaurants in Franklin, Saffire. It's a cozy little place built inside an old stove factory. The walls are old brick, the floors are wobbly old concrete and the menu is delightful. We go perhaps once a year, maybe a little less. But each time we go, it's a true treat. (Sorry the pics are so dark--it was dark in there.)

The hub started out with oysters on the half shell, I had the Southern Caesar salad. We have both of these each time we come here. For entrees, the hub had the special--rack of lamb, I had the creole shrimp with grit cakes and the kid had the chicken fried chicken without the Loveless gravy. Yum. Makes me hungry again just thinking about it. Oh for dessert, non other than a big ol' slab of chocolate tiramisu! Yes, I said chocolate! Oh my.

While we sat and ate, the snow began coming down. It was absolutely beautiful. It made me feel like Christmas again. What is up with that? ha. The restaurant had added some old rustic artwork. Again, sorry for the horrible pictures. I loved the Prophet Johnny one! Never could make out what Johnny Cash was trying to say. Between the darkness, my weak glasses and this horrible photo, it was useless. Perhaps it was the pineapple cosmo? Just what in the world is Johnny trying to tell us?

This is the scene as we left the restaurant and hit the parking lot. It was a downright blizzard, I tell you! The kid kept on saying it was a "moderate" snowfall. He cracks me up. Being in the south, we got behind a pick up truck that kept spinning out of control. Geeesh peeps. Slow it down, put it in low gear and make it home safely. Peace out (as my niece Madeleine says).

You'll remember these little fellows from a few days ago. The daffodils are closed up tight from the night's cold.There is something magical about snow on freshly blooming flowers. So pretty.

I got this bunny statue in Georgia when the teenager was a baby. We were visiting my Aunt Mary (mom's sister) and close to her house were these old flea markets on the weekends. I picked this heavy baby up for a song and lugged it back to Ol' Virginny. It brings back fond memories of my Uncle Euell saying "Are you sure you can see out of the back of that car?" I had it filled to the brim! "I sure am worried about them driving with that car so full." I miss them both so much.

We awoke to a beautiful winter wonderland this morning. The cardinals were happy to see a little seed left in the feeder from the week. I spied two robins playing around in the street. Didn't momma ever tell you not to play in the street children? This is my second sighting of them. My first was at Beth's last weekend. It's always a sign of spring when they're spotted.

The kid loved the look of the side stairs covered. You can barely see where the teenager tromped through about midnight as he returned from sledding with his buds.

And no snow is complete without a snow angel. Thank you Chrissy for this sweet angle in our driveway first thing this morning.


Janet said...

Sounds like a great evening except for the snow part! It's beautiful but I like to see it far, far away. Your flowers do look so pretty with snow all over them. Bet they're freezin' there little behinds! Do flowers have behinds!!

Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

Hey, if I gotta have snow, then YOU gotta have snow! hehe We have tons of it still and after having it for the last 4 months, I can honestly say I'm sick of it...but I can appreciate how beautiful it makes everything look when it's fresh snow:-) Glad you had such a lovely anniversary dinner, that restaurant sounds great and from what I can see on the pictures, has a terrific atmosphere!! Take care my friend and enjoy your snow:-) xoxo

Artsy Etc. said...

Well that snow was the icing on the cake!

Vallen said...

That is NOT a little snow. My goodness what an entrance spring makes in your neck of the woods. Love the pictures.

Linda said...

Great photos. Wish I could have eaten with you-it sounds really great. The snow looked really lovely. I'm sure it is wonderful when it is only occasional.

robinbird said...

a blizzard! you two must have stirred up the weather fairies with all that kissing.. a storm of love has erupted!

Beth said...

Wasn't the snow wonderful!!! Espiecally since it didn't hang around very long,,lol. Thats my favorite kind. I use to work for the guy that owns Saffire, he is also part owner of the Loveless Cafe. Looks like you had a wonderful Anniversary night!!!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy Anniversary! You look great on that picture!

I'd love to experience such a snowstorm!



Jeanie said...

Wow -- what a very cool restaurant. Sounds lovely! So YOU were the one who got the snow! It passed us by this time -- I know, don't get cocky; there's plenty of time for it to make a return visit. I have to say it looks beautiful -- love the pix, especially that little grape hyacinth and the snow bunny!



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