Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Like it Hot

The hub is turning the big five-0 on Tuesday and we thought it would be nice just to get away for a long weekend. We've been thinking about somewhere to go and decided we would visit his brother, brother's wife and our niece out in San Diego. Yay! I tell you, we just got back last week from Riverside, but I am ready to go. I am totally exhausted. We leave tomorrow. Not a moment too soon, I say!

We are still having kitchen woes and looks like we are going into a legal battle. They don't seem to want to fess up to any wrong doing (shame on them) and we sure aren't backing down. Let the fun begin. Just say prayers I don't have to hit the stand because there aren't enough drugs in the world to calm my nerves of that! Public speaking is one of my worst nightmares. Seriously. What a pain. Another reason to want to get away. I just feel like hiding my head in the sand; and that is just what I may do while there. The entire project has stripped me of so much energy, I don't know if I will ever get it back. Human nature baffles me at times.

We've been busy with projects that the kid has due next week. The latest being a catapult. What fun that was. Not. Yes, if we had all the necessary tools available, it would have been fun. But you know how I work. I work with what I've got and make do. The kid and I got the structure finished before the hub got home. Made it nice and sturdy. Then he and the kid got the actual working parts done. Thank goodness. I don't normally do moving part thingies.

It works fine. Especially while shooting Easter jelly beans! I'm sure Frankie, my mom's dog, will enjoy sniffing them out tomorrow.

As I love hearing my SIL imitate an old colleague of hers, "Seeyuz."


Vallen said...

If it weren't your anniversary I would drive the 10 hours to give you a big ol' hug when you get to San Diego

robin bird said...

oh you know i am sorry for your woes rosa. not good, not good at all.. but a funny thing.... when i was going through the photos there on your blog and reading along, keepin' up with the story i start seeing this contraption and i am thinking..."what..? it looks like a trap of some kind... oh are they going to try and capture those thieving kitchen messer-uppers on their own!" honestly i can see it is a catapult but for a minute there i thought you were taking the law into your own hands!
stay calm girl. they might see the error of their ways before you have to go gettin' that pretty little head of your all muddy..

Linda said...

We had to sue our builder too. We won but the lawyer got all of the money. It could be worse. I've read a blog of a lady in France who had a house built and they cannot even live in it. There is mold everywhere, cracks, leaks-she is so depressed. It's always something, isn't it?

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday early to your Hubs!

Enjoy your trip and try to relax. I hope everything works out where your kitchen is concerned!

Love YOU ♥

Anonymous said...

Rosa and Hubs:
I truly do hope that you have a great time in San Diego....sounds like you really need to get away and put all your troubles w/the kitchen behind you for a couple of days. How delightful it will be just the two of you getting away (a trip well deserved, I might add). It's nice to know that when you return you will be nice and refreshed to face those kitchen people head on. You have a good case and I know with the strength of a good attorney, you can surely "kick some butt!!" Rock on, my dear Rosa :)

OMG...the hubs turning the big "50"....who would have thunk?!! He doesn't look a day over 30!!! Sorry I missed his b-day, but will be thinking of him on Tuesday.
Have a great time and I will talk with you when you return.

your SIL

Jeanie said...

These are great pix! LIke the black and white! So glad you'll get a bit of a getaway!



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