Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daffodils, Hyacinths and a Cow

I am so enjoying my primrose. I keep moving them around the kitchen. Now they're on the side chair getting a little sun. Not that they got too much of it. I had all the windows slung open this morning. By the time noon came along, it started getting really nippy!

We've had nice warm weather for the past couple of days. Then, wooosh, the cold air streamed back in. We even had a few snow flurries (which always make me giddy). Before it turned cold, I was out and about and saw our first three blooming daffodils.

Nothing cries spring more than daffodils. Three days of warmth and these babies are singing to the sun!

And, along side of them were some grape hyacinths in full bloom.

These three tiny rooster salt cellars were some I found when Beth and I were antiquing junking this past weekend. This may be my newly found "collection" mission. Wonder how many colors I can find?

Next to this little display is my French moo-cow creamer, just as I promised you. I love this thing! I've had it for a little while; but I love it as if it had been in the family for generations!

Yesterday and today, I once more had contractors coming into the kitchen and fixing what the idiots never could--or chose not to. I finally have my ice maker flush with the rest of the island. These guys had to literally remove the drywall behind it, chisel away at wooden beams and shimmy it to and fro to have it sit almost flush. The idiots never compensated for it to sit flush; so when they put the end cap wall in, they didn't pull the cabinets out the extra 1/2 inch needed. So the right side of the ice maker is flush, the left (which butts up against the cabinets) is not. C'est la vie. They also redid the grout behind the stove. The idiots used two different colors. Today was the first day that I am actually feeling that this kitchen is 99% done. The counter tops need to be removed and replaced because the Silestone is staining. Yes, Silestone is staining. Par for the course, I suppose. The counter top people have come in and sealed it. Yes, sealed Silestone. It's even worse. Where I clean it now leaves a dull spot. Ooooof. Me and my kitchen. Good news is, as you can see, I made more blueberry muffins this morning; and with the oven set 25˚ below what I normally use, they came out perfect! The workmen got two hot out of the oven, I got one. Now there's one for the kid, the teenager and the hub! Yes! I made enough batter for an entire six muffins! Movin' on up! Proud? I certainly am. I was feeling a tad deflated recently in there. I think I'll continue cooking my muffins for a bit before I graduate to the next level--say cakes? hehe.


M&Co said...

What a cheerful post (and the previous too!)! I relly get the spring feeling over here now ;-)! I can't belive you're making muffins when your kitchen is in a "state", but I'm glad to hear its nearly finished now :-)And I'm sure the workmen were thrilled!!But how did you manage with only one?!

Beth said...

Yes Miz Rosie and what happenned to our spring? 62 this morning and snow this afternoon and now they are blabbering foolishly that we will get more snow on friday. I sure hope not. Dang,,I sure had a great time on saturday. Its been the best time I have had in a long, long time! Thanks again my dear Friend. Ready to go Junkin again? lol.
Luv Ya Mucho!!!

Janet said...

When I read the title of this post I thought maybe you had visited a farm!! But no, just out junkin'!! That must have been a fun day.

The flowers are so pretty. Yellow is just so cheerful.

Linda said...

Love seeing the daffodils. There was a man selling them in bouquets yesterday here. I hope the kitchen blues are over soon. After going through all you have to do to redo a room, it is the pits to have things done wrong.

robinbird said...

are you serious?? you mean you didn't leave one for me? i was thinking about you this morning because i am planning on a pie crust this weekend. sounds like your kitchen will be up for the task as well as your confidence :) the floral display is delightful!

Vallen said...

It was only a matter of time before you and the stove were better acquainted and on friendly terms.

Jeanie said...

What great finds at the antique market! I want to go shopping with you guys! Meanwhile, you have my sympathies on the kitchen issues -- how annoying is all that anyway?! AND, as always, your photos are beautiful and really help get me in the springtime groove. I do need that springtime groove, too!

PEA said...

Heyyyy..what about a muffin for ME???? Blueberry muffins are my favourites:-) When I read your title, my first thought was...one of these things doesn't belong there! lol I was wondering what a cow had to do with flowers. hehe I can't believe the Spring flowers you have blooming already...mine are still covered with a few feet of snow. Sigh. I'm still shaking my head at the mess those "idiot" contractors did with parts of your kitchen...glad to hear that new guys are in to repair them!! Love your rooster salt cellars...will have to keep an eye out for you whenever I go to the thrift shops!! xoxo

Artsy Etc. said...

What a nice bit of spring you posted here. The flowers are lovely.

I'm so sorry to hear the kitchen nightmare continues!



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