Wednesday, May 23, 2007


(WARNING: Graphic Dentist Material!)

Yesterday was my dental appointment. I had my permanent crown put on my back molar and my four filings replaced. I used to think I had a big mouth. Yea, not when you have like four hands in there trying to get to that last tooth! I swear, I had a salad at lunch today (thinking I wouldn't have to open my mouth as much as for a sandwich) and my jaw was killing me with every little bite! I kept saying "ah" every time I took a bite.

I think they've come a long way with Novocaine injections because now the doc kinda shakes the jowl when he inserts the needle and you hardly feel it. Thank goodness, because, as you know, that is always the worst part! Anyhoo, the crown on my left side was a no brainer, no biggy at all. They just glued that sucker in and cleared away any access cement. Boom, done. Now, on to the right side of my mouth. After he inserted the crown, he patted me on the shoulder and walked away. I thought "Oh boy, oh boy, he forgot about my fillings!" No such luck. He returned with that God-awful syringe with the huge metal finger grips (what's with that?). Sniffle. But, like I said, not a big deal. Hardly felt the needle at all. But, then came the drilling!! Geez Louise! Bzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz BZZZZZZZZ. Smoke, smoke, smoke!! And the smell of fire! Reminded me of when the mulch was on fire outside the bedroom window! hehe. Lordy. He did two and I thought my jaw was going to break in half. Of course, again, the teeth that needed attention were in the back of my mouth. When he started to do the second two, I was like whoa! Give me a clamp baby, my jaw is about burst! Since it was already sore, it helped only a little. Next time, I'm asking for one of those suckers right at the get-go! Phew! Good news is it's done and over. Only cleaning from now on. PTL.
Now it's the kid's turn. Poor little guy. Braces tomorrow. Today, like in five minutes, he gets spacers prepping the teeth for tomorrow's application. Joy. I think I'll take some Advil before we go!


"Early Bird" said...

I hate going to the dentist...I would rather get a mammogram...which reminds me....

John Ivey said...

The kid has teeth like mine: buck tooth and crooked! He'll probably curse you until he gets them off, but in the end I'm sure he'll be happy with results.

I think I was the only one that didn't get braces. You got them, didn't you? I know Jimbo did.

I know what you mean about novacaine. When we were kids, it was a horror. Now with that numbing stuff they rub on your gums, novacaine is a blessing.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I could only read a bit of this as I have a very real fear of dentists. Dentists=pain! Just the thought of a shot made my stomach queasy just now and my mouth feel funny. You are a real trooper missy!!
Ah braces for the kid! I did have those. Don't they have funky new ones for kids now? heehee I wore braces, rubber bands, retainers and head gear...oh joy!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'll come back later!

PEA said...

My dentist is such a handsome fellow but I told him that I really detested coming to visit him...but not to take it personally! lol I know what you mean about the sore sure did get a lot of work done all in one shot! Wow! Ahhh braces...both my boys had to go through that and although it was very painful for them, the end results are so worth it:-) xox

MarkMcL said...

Ouch. Crowns are easy it's the fillings that are horrible - with you on that one. Still it's over now you can relax. My implants were done this morning and the painkillers have just worn off - pass the paracetamol! I am waiting for my "after" x-rays before I can blog a dental nasty.

Sarah and Jack said...

I got my last 2 fillings without the Novacaine because frankly the Novacaine is worse than the filling! LOL



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