Sunday, May 27, 2007

Good Morning!

One good thing about having to keep an eye on mom while she's here is watching the sun rise over the river. It is lovely. The only sound is the splash of the water as the mullet jump. They are amazing! The hub said one jumped right in front of his face as he was swimming on Friday! (Probably trying to get out of his way, hehe.) I borrowed the pic above from the internet. Haven't downloaded any of my pictures yet! Don't know if I caught any flying fish this morning or not!

Momma has settled in and did pretty well yesterday, considering. I moved upstairs last night to sleep and it was like sleeping on a cloud. I think we all slept a little better the second night here.

Well, I smell the coffee so it must be time to start the day. The boys are repeating their day from yesterday--boat, beach and then heading across the Bay to see the USS Alabama, a battleship from WWII. They're very excited!


"Early Bird" said...

I remember those sister and I were sitting on a dock of the Gulf and all was quiet and still...I mentioned seeing sharks and then these flying fish jumped up and scared us to death!!
You sound better today!

PEA said...

I'm glad to hear that things went a bit better yesterday! Sounds like the boys have another terrific day planned...hopefully your mom does well today and you can relax a bit:-) xoxo

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh`re in my thoughts with your Mum. It must be so awful. I fear having to experience this with my parents. I wish they`d find a cure.


Susie said...

Hi Rosa,
I'm playing catch up here. I so well know about those feelings of dementia. Today sounds better.
You sound like you're doing all you can to keep her happy and comfortable. No one could ask more of you dear friend..

The Woman said...

When you mention mullets jumping, my mind wandered right Joe Dirt type mullets! LOL

I'm glad the second night went better!

Artsy said...

Everything has its blessing. Getting up to see the sunshine clarifies this. Dementia is such a sad thing to happen to anyone. My MIL had it and she was such a vibrant person. I, too, wish they would find a cure. Blessings, Rosa.

Beth said...

Oh,,I wish I was there,,,and I have been to the USS Alabama,,its so cool!! I Know the boys and you and hub and Mom are having a blast!!



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