Thursday, May 24, 2007

Southern Bound

Riverside, here we come! I can't wait to hear the tree frogs "bate bate bate bate." Love THEM! (This is the doorknocker I have on our "back" door.) I'm going to try and record their croaks, it's amazing!

We all have been busy today and are totally pooped. Both boys finished their finals--school's out for summa! The kid got his braces--poor fellow. He's having a time with them. We went to lunch directly afterwards, he said he was up for it. But as he tried to eat rice, he had tears rolling down his face. Just breaks my heart. I haven't seen tears from him in ages. Awww. He's still my baby. Sniffle. I gave him a Advil and sent him to bed, he's been asleep ever since. His best buddy next door ("movie star") is going with us to Riverside for the weekend and he's been over twice to see if the kid is ok. I think between having his exams this week and all the excitement in getting braces, the poor guy is just tuckered out.

I got mom's hair cut this morning and then ran to the bakery for some goodies for the kid's school's office. Sometimes those staffers are overlooked and they do so much work behind the scenes. I try and get them a basket of muffins and croissants for the last day to show our appreciation. I did, however, forget to get the teachers something. Oh well. Ms. Ditzy here. I then ran momma back home before running to the school to drop the goodies off and pick up the kid. Got to the ortho on time and sat and sat in the "adults' lounge" where I watched Martha Stewart! What a treat. I have never seen her show before; and I know that sounds strange, but I swear. I've seen a couple of her original shows way back when she first started on TV but I hadn't seen any since she's been out of the clanker! I told myself (famous last words) I would try and watch her show this summer. It was, of course, chock full of goodies and ideas. Today she had Donna Karen as a guest -- Miss DKNY herself. She is involved in this new "Urban Zen Initiative" which they barely had time to talk about after spending so much time on cooking tuna (ew). It sounded fascinating and I'm interested in learning more about it. From what I gathered, it's a mix between Eastern remedies and Western medicines, yoga, aromatherapy, whole foods, etc. I look forward to reading up on it as I settle in down South.

I've just about have everything packed up, I think. Got mom packed, the kid packed, me--I'm half packed. Rootie is walking around panting, nervous. Whenever she sees a bag out, she knows someone is leaving. I've told her that she and Frankie are coming with us, but she's still hovering. Which brings me to . . .

"Mom's ramp" is yet to be finished, of course. Which means the fence isn't done either. Gonna have to keep mom and the dogs corralled now somehow. The carpenter called today to say that he wasn't done. Like I knew that was coming, right? But, his son was in the hospital this week, so what is one to do? Well, if he had worked on it like he said he was going to two months ago (and I quote, "Ma'am, when I begin a job, I like to work on it until it is finished) it could have already been done. Ok. I said my peace. Well, not really. I think all these guys go to the same school. "Two weeks, it will be done in two weeks"--which somehow always turns into two or three months. I have to laugh at the movie "The Money Pit" (one of my all-time favs). It is sooooo true. Whatever they tell you, double it--time, money, whatever. Frustratin'. Ok, now I've said my peace, promise.

I'm totally exhausted, but I think I've got everything under control. Hopefully, we will hit the road pretty early. I need to be at Riverside by 3ish because the infamous armoir is being delivered -- again. This time, let's hope they bring the right amount of manpower to get the thing inside and up all those stairs.

And since we will be there for an extended amount of time, I'm taking my lifeline, my iMac. So you won't even miss me and me you. Let's just hope I remember to pack it up in the morning. hehe.

Ta ta for now.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice that you are getting away and your son can focus on something other than his braces. Hope he feels better very soon.

Have a safe trip.

Take care,

The Woman said...

Take me with you! LOL

My sister (Ann) has seen both her boys in braces. The youngest is still in them. Make your baby some milkshakes and add some banana. Hope he adjusts soon!

Enjoy the tree frogs!

"Early Bird" said...

Have a happy and safe weekend!!

Beth said...

YAY,,,SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!! Poor kid,,,last day of school and the torture treatment,,yuk!!! Hope he feels better. And ya'll have a blast at Riverside,,just remember I am going to be making a trip down there with you this summer!
Be safe my dear friend!!!

Vallen said...

Thanks for remembering the "office people" We always appreciate the recognition.
Have a super good time and - initials in the sand. It might be my only chance for getting back there.

Peggy said...

Have fun Rosa! Be careful. Take lots of photos and take a boat ride for me!

PEA said... leaving without me AGAIN???? Sigh! I just know you'll have a wonderful old time at Riverside...without me. hehe Oh, I so feel for the young lad, I remember how much pain my boys were in when they first had their braces put in...they couldn't eat for a week! Anyway, have FUN and be SAFE!! xoxo

paris parfait said...

Sorry about the kid's braces, but he'll adjust and hopefully won't have to wear them long. Hope you and yours have a fantastic holiday weekend! xo

Artsy said...

Have a wonderful summer and keep in touch.

fin said...

I (heart) treefrogs!



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