Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bring on the Summa!

My flowers of the month (Christmas present from my brother) are gorgeous. Kind of a French bouquet of sorts. Lots of colors, with delphiniums disbursed here and there, my fav.

And then the fruit-of-the-month arrived the same day. YUM! Pineapples. Mom is checking the ripeness here. They were perfectly ripe. I cut them up and gave mom some and we ate. They were both gone in a day! I used the three little pineapples that were in mom's flowers of the month bouquet. Aren't they the cutest! These were the sweetest pineapples. The best I have ever had were in Puerto Rico, and these come in a close second. Wish I had some right now to nibble on.

Frankie went to the vets yesterday for a bath, his vaccines and a look at his right ear. He had a lot of muck in it which turned out to be an ear infection. Poor baby. He never whimpered or let us know he was in any pain. Aw. He's now ready to travel to Riverside with us in a couple of weeks! Yahoo.

This morning, I talked with my childhood friend Pam. It's always so good to hear from old friends. We talked for-ever! I am trying to gather the three of my bestest friends to meet me at Riverside this fall for a girlfriend's retreat. I think I'll wait to arrive there and get some ideas and then put a time frame together. They will be coming in from Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut. The thought just makes me giggle with glee. I haven't seem Pam since the kids were little, so it's been a good ten years, I think. It's only been maybe three or four for Amy and Kel. No excuse there since they live in the DC area; and Lord knows I've been back there a few times! But, the last few trips home have been all about getting mom's things in order and left me little or no time to visit. I can't wait to get everyone together to reminisce about days gone by and just to gab about absolutely nothing.

Speaking of Riverside, we just heard today that Raphael is coming to be with us at Riverside this summer! We are all so excited!!

Summatime is on the brain!


PEA said...

Does your brother want another sister????? hehe I love his idea of getting you and your mom the flower and fruit of the month for a whole year!! The pineapple looks scrumptious! What a terrific get together it would be if your 3 childhood friends could meet you in Riverside later on!!!! Partyyyyy! xoxo

Mrs. Staggs said...

It sounds like you have all kinds of lovely things to look forward too. That's nice to hear.
Those flowers are so pretty...they really do look like summer!

The Woman said...

Giggling with glee sounds so delightful!

Glad that Frankie got checked out. That ear sounds like it could have become quite frightful.

I didn't mean to rhyme. It just happened! LOL

Anonymous said...

That is just the best gift ever from your brother. I would just love to be in the room when you open it...I imagine the scent is like heaven.

Take care,

Dianne said...

I was thinking...a retreat for your blogger friends at Riverside. What? I think it's a grand idea.

"Early Bird" said...

I had a wee bit of fresh pineapple today on my plate of food at a restaurant.
Wish I could come to Riverside...it sounds so relaxin...except for all that painting you do

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice and very colorful bouquet! Those pineapples look delicious.
Poor Frankie, I hope he's ok now...

smilnsigh said...

Not Summmmmah yet! We had such a late Spring, we want it longer. But.. tis getting hot. :-)




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