Monday, May 07, 2007

Room with a View

Here is Peli Fru Fru. I was excited to see that what I thought were pilings across way in reality are trees. Look at all the new growth. This seems to be the hot spot for pelicans as they always fly in to perch here.

It was a lovely weekend at Riverside. I hate to admit it, but I hunkered down and painted the bedroom all day Saturday. When I say all day, I mean, all day! Good thing I wasn't on the clock. It took me over eight hours to get 99.9% of the work done. We had the bedroom furniture being delivered in the "afternoon" so I had little choice but to get er done. I started about 10 a.m. painting the recessed ceiling white. What a difference. It sure makes the room cozier. These people were paint crazy, I tell you! They had even painted all the registers and air returns. (Of course, I replaced them all with new shiny white ones--beautiful!) I had to begin in the middle of the walls where the bed was going on one side and the armoire on the other. I fell in love with the color--Sherwin Williams' Stucco--immediately. Anything was better than that green everywhere, OMG! Just looking at these pictures makes me cringe. About the time I had started on the armoire side, the bedroom stuff was there. And, of course, after my crash painting to get the side walls ready, the armoire was too big for only two med to carry up. You'd think they'd know about this stuff. Oy. It will have to be delivered when we return and they are adequately prepared. No worries.

The hub, kid and Rootie all took a little boat ride after they got all their chores done. They looked so sweet heading out. I hear Roo dog did well her first time in a boat. I sniffled and felt sorry for myself as they rode off. Not really. I was kind of glad to see them go. hehe.

And now, the moment I've been waiting for, a finished room. Well, not quite finished but getting better each visit. What a joy it was waking up Sunday morning to a fresh color. You will note the little step ladder on my side of the bed. Uh huh, Miss Shortest Legs in the World couldn't even get up in the bed (especially after working all day--up and down that ladder!!) We had to go out on Sunday and find a stool of some sort to help the old woman up. Poor me. We found this great teak ladder that flips into a chair. How convenient. And, it matched the walnut wood in our other furniture. Go figure.

This is the only piece hanging on the walls. This was my Christmas gift from the hub. It actually looks a little lost in the pic but it looks really nice in person. Really.

Here's the hub's side of the bed. I wanted the larger of the two night stands, but in light of the ladder being needed, I opted to switch with him. Oh well. We just can't have it all, now can we? Grin. And this is the fabric swatch of the curtains I want to hang. It pulls both colors together beautifully and will tone down the blue quite a bit. I can't wait to do the calculations for the cost of those babies! Ka-ching. I think I'm liking the shutters alone much better! hehe.

And here it is, dun dun dun, the room with a view. This is as we were leaving, so all the bed clothes are clean and waiting for the next visitor. Sigh. Wish it were going to be us. We have a friend staying there while his floors are being refinished. Lucky him. I'm already pining for our home away from home.


Peggy said...

I don't know how you get in the car to leave. I would be hiding in the closet till everyone left so I could stay and enjoy the room with a view! You did a fantastic job!

Vallen said...

I wouldn't want to leave either. That bed is gorgeous and the little tease of the window seating - that's where I would be, reading in that lovely chair by the window.

Dianne said...

Once again, I'm jealous.

I love that color too. You're doing such a great job.

The Kid is getting so big!!!!!!

Susie said...

Hi Rosa,
I've just been reading through your last few posts and catching up. Glad your got your dental work all taken care of. I loved seeing what you've done with Riverside! It's looking so beautiful. Your friend will love hanging out there and may not want to go home!!:)
Those pelicans must be fun to watch too!

PEA said...

Such a beautiful place Riverside is...I so love all the colours you've chosen for the rooms!! I don't blame you for not wanting to leave it!! Imagine having pelicans so nearby...those are birds we don't see around here except in zoos! XOX

The Woman said...

I wanna come to Riverside!

Everything looks wonderful, Rosa!
I love your color choices!

Linda said...

It looks really lovely. Nothing better than a fresh paint job-and there isn't much harder a chore, either.

John Ivey said...

Looks great! Nice job.

"Early Bird" said...

Congratulations on getting all that painting done...I would not have wanted to do it...I don't like painting...I would have just lived with the green...teehee!!

Beth said...

Well Little Miss Shortest Legs,,lol, you have done some wonderful work on the new bedroom with a view. I honestly love just the shutters. Never been much into curtains. I cannot wait to see it all in person. Boo-tee--fullll!!!

Mom Called Me Sadie said...

Okay..I've been trying to select a color combination for my living/dinning room area. I think I found it. I love your colors. This all looks so nice, Rosa. You've done a lovely job. How comfy and inviting Riverside looks.



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