Friday, May 18, 2007

One Isn't So Lonely

It's better than none. Mrs. M Dove only had one egg--so far. (May I add my thrill that she has a little decorating diva in her. Note the hot pink thread entwined in her nest?) I remember our last dove had three. Yes, that was the year they nested in a hanging basket on the front porch. Yes, and that was the year we had horrible tornadoes touching down close by off and on for over a week. Ugh. Uh huh, that was me out there moving the basket down to the porch floor after I saw it swinging horizontally. Oh yea, and the babies? Yep, they hatched. They were fat and adorable. I was able to witness one stuck on the top porch and then frantically flew away, good job lil' chap! I was also able to find specks of blood on the front porch after some critter (cat) caught one in its attempt at first flight, I'm guessing. It broke my heart. Mother Nature, hard at work, I always have to remind myself.

Poor Queen V had a nest and lost all her eggs to a critter. Therefore, I am honoring those lost with this one single egg. Brava Mrs. M Dove!


The Woman said...


Mom Called Me Sadie said...

Its romance season for Doves..isn't it? We have them everywhere!! Cooing from morning 'til night.

Dianne said...

That egg is so perfect it looks fake. I hope you're able to get a shot of the baby while it's still young.

smilnsigh said...

Yes! Such a decorating Diva is she! :-)))


Peggy said...

At least the dove laid an egg. Diva has decided to remain pregnant forever! :)



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