Sunday, May 13, 2007

On Being Mothers

We have to possess both yin and yang. Can't help it. Comes with the territory. We can be all warm and fuzzy one moment and have to turn on a dime to be strong and authoritative, sometimes downright mean. Lordy. The teenager. Seventeen going on 32. This was my mother's day present from him. Like mother, like son. We're both hippies at heart, love our incense, oil burners etc. I have some wonderful scent burning now, don't know what it is, but it sure smells good. I needed it to calm me down. The teenager probably knew he was going to get in trouble for something and thought the present would save him from my wrath. Wrong. There is nothing that can protect you from your mother, really, now is there?

We had a wonderful brunch this morning at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville (see last year's post for more). It was absolutely delicious. I could handle a few more mimosas though. I'm actually craving another as I write this. Hmmmmm. Maybe the hub and I could hit another place and sip a few more???? Mom and I had one each, shoulda had a few more, obviously didn't get my fill. Of course, dessert was my favorite. They had European macaroons! I've never seen them here in the States. What fun! Remember the ones I brought back from Switzerland? I'm going to have to call and see where they got them. Yum! Made me "home" sick for Europe (like I'm European, hehe). Pout. You know here we call those little clusters of coconut macaroons. Over there, they're two small "bun" shaped meringue with a s"schmere" of flavored cream in between. They just melt in your mouth if they're the real thing. Today's were a tad chewy, but good just the same over here in "Amurica." I was just so excited to see them!

Mom looked so pretty and ate so well. Actually, she ate half of my cheesecake after eating all of hers. That's always a good sign! (We both get the munchies when we drink, hiccup.)

We all came home fat and happy. That is until the kid comes home and asks "Does the teenager smoke?" What? Why? A neighbor saw him driving down the road with a cigarette! Wha????? I called his butt up and told him to throw every cigarette away that he had and to come straight home, NOW! He walked through that door and didn't know what hit him. I swear. What a dumbo. We have talked about smoking cigarettes and talked about it and talked about it. He has sworn to me that he didn't smoke. After I let him smoke his hookah (stupid on my part, I know), he progresses to cigarettes? Uh uh. Ain't gonna happen. No more hookah, no more cigarettes. Ooh, I let into him. Momma done gone ballistic. Just when I think he's doing well, he's pulls some stupid stunt like that. Brat. Oh, and after I ream him out, he comes downstairs with my mother's day present. Like that's going to make me feel better. Brat.



Dapoppins said...

Happy Mothers Day...Fantastic treats.

Janet said...

Ah, the joys of parenting!! Ain't it fun!! Sounds so familiar. But you gotta love the Mother's Day gift! At least he was thinking about you and knew what you like.

The brunch sounds fantastic! Happy Mother's Day (even if I am a day late!)

MarmiteToasty said...

Hi - just found your blob via 'the woman' :) liking what Im reading.... :) will be back later to scroll back and read more......


Mrs. Staggs said...

So, this looks like one of those honest posts that no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole! LOL!
It's also one of those parenting "moments"! No matter what "it" is we all have been through at least one or two and have to remember that this sort of thing is all a part of growing up. Hopefully we've all learned from the mistakes we've made growing up (and the ones we've made while parenting) and your son will also.
I would have been furious too! Every now and then, Mrs. Staggs loses her temper...and when I do, look out! Mr. Staggs says the world changes, and is never the same again! Hmmm, maybe I should lose it more often. The world could sure use some changin'.
I'm glad to hear that at least part of your day was pleasant and you enjoyed a nice time with your beautiful mom.
Take care.

Dianne said...

What is hookah? Hey, I don't have teenagers anymore so what do I know?

Don't you just love raising a teen? Thank you, Lord, that I'm over that!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Yes, the joys of teenagers! Hope he never gets hooked on the nasty wretched things! Hope you had a wonderful mother`s day Rosa! It sure looks like you did ...yum!


MarkMcL said...

Smoking is such a *dumb* thing to do. One of life's stupider choices. I hope he listens and takes heed. It isn't cool and he would lose so much: lose money, health - life even, respect of others, attractiveness to women, go old and wrinkled before his time.

Good luck.

Vallen said...

Your Mother's Day sounds pretty fun except for teenager stuff. And your mom looks very happy with that angelic smile.

"Early Bird" said...

Your Mama looks so good!
I've never had a Mimosa or a Mint Julip...I'll definately need to try those if I ever get to visit you!

Beth said...

Oh, I hope he stops that nasty habit. Both of my brats smoke but now they are grown I can't throw a fit, well I do but it doesn't do any good!! Loved the presents you got and thats a lovely pic of your sweet Mom! Glad you had a great Mother's day!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I am glad you had a lovely day with your lovely Mom.
As for the much as I wanted children with all my heart....sometimes stories like this make me stop and think "oh geez, that could be me".
Is he in solitary or did it all get sorted? heehee

paris parfait said...

It's tough being a mom. Great presents, though! :) xo



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