Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Has Arrived

Sunrise over Riverside (Note ripple from mullet jump!)

Well today's the day. The hub and mom go back home. As much as I hate the hub leaving, it's a blessing that this was planned so he can take mom home. She was up at 5:30 this morning, bag in hand, ready to go. She's so excited to be going home. Miss Chatty Cathy she is today. Has her pep back, a little dance to her step and a gleam in her eyes. It makes me happy to see her feeling so much better with a simple solution. Thank God.

Yesterday, we had our Memorial Day bbq and christened the new Webber grill. Smokin' baby. Yum. Typical American fare, hot dogs and hamburgers and corn-on-the-cob. It was "gud."

Here are the boys heading out for a couple of hours on the boat--the kid being the spotter. They then went to the beach and stayed longer than expected so they didn't make it to Mobile to see the USS Alabama. Maybe the kid and I will go out there some time this week. I'm not a big one on military things. Guess it's more of a guy thing.

Well, time to head out to get another Adirondack for the dock before I lose my strong man. I'm sad to see him go. Pout. I'll leave you with quite a visual. The hub, who's never been one to work around the house, is being quite the new homeowner! I'm so proud!


PEA said...

What a shame your hubby had to leave you this morning but sounds like it was a good thing since he could bring your mom home. I guess you won't be bringing her back to Riverside?? Omigosh, I haven't seen one of those push lawnmowers since I was a little girl! hehe I didn't even know they still made cool!! xoxo

Linda said...

Your place looks like a paradise. I'm glad you worked out something with your mother. I hate worrying about my parents-watch them age.

Beth said...

How pretty everything looks. I am so glad you had a great Memorial Day. Is it smokey from the fires down that way? Its been hazy and hot here.
Have a fun one!!! Miss Ya!!!

Dianne said...

Tell the hub I enjoyed seeing his legs! And the back of the kids head too.

Looks like a wonderful week end and I wish I was there to enjoy with you.

Artsy said...

Love the push mower. Actually I'd like to have one. How far away from the beach are you? Looks lovely there.

Peggy said...

Sorry your mom couldn't relax and enjoy Riverside. I am sure you both will be able to relax when she is back home. I am so missing the water everytime I see your blog!

The Woman said...

I, too, am sorry that your mom didn't enjoy her stay. Hoping you are!

cityfarmer said...

that burget's makin' me real hungry!



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