Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day in Merryville

The Children of Merryville at the Maypole

What better place to celebrate the arrival of the merry month of May than in Merryville. The Staggs family always does their lion's share of the May Day festivities there. Unfortunately today, Mrs. Staggs has informed us, it is raining in Merryville and most celebrations will be held indoors. To that I say, yippee! It is always an honor to get invited into the lovely home of the Staggs' family. There, you will find joyous music to fill your soul, delicious foods to fill your belly and always the best company you will find anywhere in this fine land.

I dug up some pictures of May Days past and look what I came upon. Here is the young pre-Mrs. Staggs being crowned Miss May Day. Oh my, is that a young Mr. Staggs crowning her? Could this have been the beginning of a courtship? Let's ask, shall we?

I don't remember the ladies here, but I do remember the skit "A Midsummer Night's Dream" being performed some years back. I'm sure Mrs. Staggs will be able to put a name to the faces. I have to giggle. I do, however, distinctly remember that silly donkey head getting stuck on that poor woman's head until a sweet gentleman had to cut her out. I remember it being a very hot May Day; and when the head was finally removed, the poor young lady was as red as a fire bucket. I think she quickly recovered when the young man patted her with his cool hankie. Aw yes, love is always in the air on May Day in Merryville.

And who is this? Could this be Mrs. Staggs and myself? No telling what we were up to with those sheepish grins on our faces! I'll never tell.

What wonderful memories. I'm off and on my way to Merryville. See you there!


"Early Bird" said...

You have such a cute imagination!

PEA said...

I was there for the celebrations earlier in Merryville...always such a delight:-) Thank you for sharing these fun pictures with us of May Days of yore...with you and Mrs. Staggs together, goodness knows WHAT mischievious plans you two were plotting! Hehe We don't celebrate May Day here in Canada but I've been having fun learning about the traditions today:-) xoxo

Mrs. Staggs said...

Well, I for one am quite relieved that the sun did shine for a short while today and all the festivities went off without a hitch....well, with the exception of you know who getting stuck in the you know what, with the other you know who...but it's best just to let that go! We all have our moments, and I should know! And you know too. When I saw that photograph of the two of us, I gasped and was quite worried there for a moment! I'll never tell either!
Weren't the little girls dancing around the Maypole the sweetest thing you've seen in a long while?
Thank you for these lovely memories and for being my friend dear Rosa. xoxo

Storybook Woods said...

Dear Rosa, it is another memorable day in Merryville. The bit of sun, the dancing, the tea, the pretty May baskets and the trip down memory lane. That young man is most dashing, so he must be Mrs. Staggs. Thank you Rosa for the fun day. xoxox Clarice

Peggy said...

happy may day!

Beth said...

How cute,,I Love May Day!!! Not much longer Girlfriend and we are going to share some fun summer days together!!
Luv Ya!!!

The Woman said...


smilnsigh said...

Just precious!

Thank you.




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