Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tennessee Arts & Crafts Fair

I was so excited to see that the TACA show was this weekend in Nashville. I needed something to get me out of the house and get my mind on some fun stuff. They show twice a year here, once in the spring and once in the fall. I believe I missed out on the spring show this year.

Some of my favorites were there including R. Michael Wimmer. His work is called "found object sculptures." I would love to have one! What fun stuff.

Then there was one of my favorite clay artists, a husband and wife duo Sandy & Ann Batton of Batton Clayworks out of North Carolina. Love their stuff!

These were new folks that I had either missed in previous years or were actually new to the show. Eco Art had some wonderful pieces.

When I saw this, of course I had to get it for Riverside!

Not sure if Maclone Clay was new or not, but I had not noticed them before. Loved their yard stakes and the little plaque about faeries.

I got this, also for Riverside, to cover up the old door bell hole in the wall by the back door. These are the only rules at Riverside.

It was a beautiful morning before the sun began producing the heat of the afternoon.

I skipped out on a demonstration by Akira Blount that I would have loved to have seen. Her "dolls" are incredible. More than incredible. It was beginning to get too hot and too crowded so I missed it. I'm bad that way. I was also afraid I may be tempted to purchase a piece with no money to buy it with!

I did come home with lots of papers to go through including a brochure from the Appalachian Center for Craft which lists classes! Classes!!! I am in desperate need of some classes! That is one of the things I miss the most after leaving the DC area, classes and workshops. They are very few and far between down here in Nashville. So, you can only imagine my excitement when I came upon their booth. They are about an hour and half from here, not too bad. There are two weekend sessions that I am thinking about--"Figure it Out," modeling a figure in clay and "Book Arts Galore," innovative formats to create our own books. Hmmmmmm. Ooops, already missed the clay class. Oh well.

Now, look at the pieces I brought home that I am really excited about! Remember last year, I bought the funky tea pot from Batton Pottery? Well, this year, they had a platter that was reduced for quick sale! Yep, I bought it very quickly. Look at how pretty!! Yay!

You know I'm a sucker for small things. And Sandy had more of his tiny little clay boxes. So yes, I bought a couple more to add to this one I got last year.

Precious little tea pot on top.

And who could resist eggs and bacon? Not me, for sure. Can you hear me squealing from there?

Then I splurged. I was being so good too. Really. But when I came back by Ben Caldwell's copper booth, I just couldn't help myself. You know me and my copper in the kitchen, right? I had found this great polenta pot on the bargain table at Williams-Sonoma a while back and I had just recently hung it behind my stove. I loved the acorn motif on the handle. Well today, there were these luscious copper ladles just calling my name. Ok, I bought the smallest one. And look at how utterly perfect it goes with my pot. Can you say "hot apple cider?" hehe.

It all is just making me happy. I need to be happy. Happy happy happy. Are you happy today?


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What beautiful objects!

Your trees might not be turning yet, but, at least, your skies are azure blue!



The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rosa now my head feels attached to my body again after my 2 day hangever Im HAPPY HAPPY! Though that could be the medication (Im joking - promise!) I love copper too. Ive got a set of 3 pans and a frying pan, but thats all. Mine isnt as nice as yours. I love your new ladle. When I call round I will expect mulled wine using your ladle. While Im there shall I stop for dinner too? What the heck I will just move in LOL! X

The Vintage Kitten said...

I meant hangover....see Im still not right X

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love Akira Blount dolls too. I first discovered them on Ulla's site a couple of years ago. They are special indeed.

I'm glad you've enjoyed such a nice day. Mine has been pretty good. Young Mr. Staggs was in a car accident a couple of days ago. He's ok, but it totaled his car. Another driver ran a stop sign. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. There were witnesses, and insurance, but jeepers....days like that are hard on a mom!

robin bird said...

oh yes i'm happy today! wow- this is like an outdoor art gallery! i don't know how you managed to get out of there with out going bankrupt :) you managed to be very selective and i love the copper! it is simply elegant! but my favorite is the sign for riverside...

p.s. the new pair of glasses reference is to the video over at karen mowry's :) someone else though i meant my own glasses too. i'll be sure to model them when i get new..which will be sooner than expected.

Artsy said...

Hi Rosy!

Loved going to the art fair with you. Your choices are fun indeed! I love quirky things too. Heck I am quirky. LOL Wow the copper pots are beautiful. Such craftsmanship.

Have a great Sunday.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

Now that's some fabulous art!! Love your purchases! Oh to have watched a demo by Akira Blount but I so get not dealing in the heat.
Why don't people do these things in parts of seasons that are a more comfortable temp?
I love wild pottery too!!
So glad you had some time out and away and it made you happy!!

paris parfait said...

Oh what fun! Wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting the lovely pics. xo

Linda said...

I love the things you bought-especially the copper. You've inspired me to decorate for autumn maybe-except I won't be here but will be baby sitting. Oh well.

Jeanie said...

Fabulous art fair! Ours tend to be over for the season - -the winter shows are more holiday oriented. Boy, great things. Love the copper.

Good for you looking toward classes again. Classes always get me jazzed up. If I'm doing it with someone else, it gets done!



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