Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday (FT) Snippets

I just love perusing through the weekend Financial Times when the hub's finished with it. I can normally find him on the front porch on Saturday morning devouring the papers. When he's finished, he puts them aside for me to look through.

While I didn't find a whole lot of anything in the House & Home and Life & Arts sections this weekend, it was bonus time with the How to Spend It pull out, a big ol' magazine chock full of delightfully decadent (and out or reach) items. While I've never had a hard time "spending it," it's always the finding the money to spend which can be the problem. Am I right? And at my stage in life, I just don't need anything. But, it sure is fun looking!

I would love to have my entire house filled with beautiful rugs, but, of course, I've always found the ones I'm attracted to way too expensive for my blood; so I just ogle over them in catalogs. And while I'm not really a pillow person (I hate having to move a lot of fat pillows when I sit somewhere), this did catch my eye from The Rug Company.

And, I adore this wall hanging. The website is just delightful, I might add. Yes, I would LOVE to have any one of their rugs indeed.

From there, I moved on to Judith Michael & Daughter's site. Pitter patter. That was my heart beating when I opened the page and began looking through the shop. A definite on "To Visit" list on my next trip to London, guaranteed. I can see myself coming home with this vintage bunting paper.

Perhaps even another pillow (you know, I'm not much "into" pillows--grin).

Is this pottery not amazing? I found Di Marshall's site from South Africa. I'd love to get some of this stuff.

But, the pièce de résistance is the Teron Conrad-inspired boat sofa made by Ben Fowler.
Can you imagine this piece at Riverside, a whole bunch of us just curled up in it just giggling? I certainly can. That is if I had room and if I could afford to commission one.

Ok, back to reality. Snap.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Fabulous! Thats all I can say....apart from I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!

Janet said...

I love the boat sofa! It looks so comfy and cozy.

My big problem is finding the $$, too. I can spend it like crazy if I have it!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice things! Very pretty!



PEA said...

Do like me, keep buying lottery tickets and hope that one day you'll win big! lol I love looking through catalogues like that and just dream about owning whatever I want from them:-) Wow, I'm loving that boat sofa as well, such a fascinating concept!!! xoxo

Rosie said...

Hi Rosa, thanks so much for visiting. I really NEED that sofa boat, that is absolutely splendid, just right for lounging around reading a good book and pretending you are floating round the Maldives in the Indian ocean. Oh bliss!

Vallen said...

Oh, goodness, we could very amicably live in the same environment. I love all your choices!! Maybe we could pool funds.

ofifteen said...

loving that pottery!

'designing your life'

MelMel said...

I love your blog!
Thank you for popping in...please do again...nice to meet you!
I love ck...she is fab! do you have shop near you?
she does have a website...have you seen it?

Jeanie said...

I've an addiction to throw pillows and to Britain. Do you think I liked this post? YES!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

The pillows are lovely and that sofa boat is really something....very clever...great post...
Mo :-0

Judy said...

What a novel sofa and what fun it would be own. I loved your vist today. Thank you so much. I love meeting new people. Your Abby is adorable. Anna and Bailey always meet me at the door when I get home, unless of course they are sleeping!!!

Beth said...

I Love the Boat Sofa,,I bet it would look real cool down at Riverside!



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