Saturday, September 06, 2008

Take Me and That Oak and a House You Will See

I'm getting that nesting feeling. Blame it on the rain, the slightly cooler temperature, the not-having-to-close-the-blinds-to-shield-from-the-sun open-to-the-outside windows. I am actually feeling a little fall in the air. While I haven't been out yet this morning, the sky is gray which is a welcomed site.

Yesterday, with the rain, I went outside and did a little walk about the southern side of the house; something I never do when the sun is blaring because it is just spot-on sun and hotter than the dickens. With the lovely drizzle, I could walk around and enjoy the last of the flowers, the leaves and even spied a bunny. Who doesn't love a bunny sighting? (I had to quickly chase it as I had let Dave our earlier!)

My hydrangea still chugging along.

And it won't be long before the maple leaves begin to turn those brilliant colors before falling to the ground.

The slowly fading echinacea.

Dripping with the moisture, the berries on the nandina.

Leftovers from the clematis. Isn't it amazing even without the petals?

I then headed to the other side of the valley to hit my favorite florist in the area. This is heading down into the valley next to ours. I love this new road that takes you straight through a mountain. It's only been here for a couple of years now; and I am still in awe every times I take it.

Here's one of my favorite little shops. I picked up a couple of small arrangements which I will share later. (They are sill in the car!)

And look at who I saw fluttering about. A real beauty.

Returning home, I stopped at the lookout. Oy! Look at this poke! I used to have this weed growing abundantly in the back yard of the hub and I's first house. The berries make a beautiful fuschia die. I remember reading somewhere the native Indian women would use the die to pinken their cheeks. It is a beautiful shade. This plant doesn't show it's red berries though.

A view of the valley next to ours.

Heading back home.

And Abby waiting patiently in the guest room with her usual excitement to see me home.

I was so happy to hear this morning that Peggy and her peaceable kingdom at Hidden Haven Homestead were spared by Hurricane Hannah coming through. These storms are something, and I hope everyone on the east coast stays safe. Now we, in the Gulf, have to look out for Ike. Ooof.

The clay house at the top was made by Asia Mathis.


Queenly Things said...

My new favorite word is pinken. I want my whole life pinkened. Wouldn't that be lovely?
I'm so glad things are cooling down out your way. I think perhaps Mother Nature is laughing at my smugness in thinking I'd be able to control the weather. She sent over a little 4.0 tremor last night. And then went to bed snickering

Peggy said...

Thanks Rosa! Your photos have made me homesick for the mountains. Fall was always my favorite time living there. Everything was so beautiful. One day I hope to go back but at least the grands can send me pictures of what I am missing. Have a great weekend.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those landscape pictures are gorgeous! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

Abby's so cute! She looks so content on that picture...

Cheers and have a great weekend,


Beth said...

What a beautiful ride you had! I want to go down that road sometimes. And the pics of your flowers were beautiful!
I posted pics of "little red" on my blog. I am still floating on cloud 9 since I got her, or should I say "riding on cloud 9",,ha!
See ya this week!

PEA said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the world and I can imagine how awesome it feels to be able to drive THROUGH a mountain!! With all those tree covered mountains you have around you, it must be breathtaking when the leaves are all in their Autumn wonder it's my favourite time of the year:-) xoxo

Jeanie said...

What a lovely time! I count bunnies all year -- 10 this season, since spring (down from last year!). I always have a wonderful feeling of being with you in your journeys -- beautiful!

robin bird said...

you sure do get great photos out your windshield! the winding road, the brooding sky. as you know i also love clematis no matter what state they may be in.
hello abby :)

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