Monday, September 29, 2008

With a Little Help From My Friends

Bella wasn't the only one cleaning today. I decided to finally go through my pantries and see what was lurking in there. I've been telling myself to do just that and use all the things getting ready to expire, but you know how that goes.

I hated when I went to pull out a drawer and it would get stuck on something and then it would act like a leveler and knock everything down into the next drawer. Pfffffft. And I was embarrassed when my brother Jim was here--with no warning! I kept saying as I started looking for something in there "I better get these cleaned out before my brother gets down here!" He would just giggle at me.

But no more. I straightened everything out and even came up with an extra "baking" drawer somehow. Hmmmmm.

I indeed find a lot of stuff that had expired (some from 2006--ew!). But there were some things I wanted to use up rather than throwing them out. The first was a soup mix for chili. We're supposed to turn cold this week (although it's upper 90s out there now), so I thought chili would be good. (The hub and kid made a mean pasta sauce last night to use this week too.) I love the Bean Cuisine mixes. The spices are always right on the money.

Then I found this package of apple crisp mix that I had purchased at a little farmers' market in 'bama. Perfect. I have been in a total funk about cooking lately, so the help of these little packages have pushed me to at least cook something.

A little help never hurt anyone. Suppose we all have to give in a little help every once in a blue moon. Ya think Mawtha ever pulls out a box of Kraft mac-n-cheese? I doubt it.


PEA said...

I cleaned out my pantry about a month ago and now it looks like a tornado went through it again! lol I've learned to check for expiry dates the hard way...the last time my son Shawn and his wife Wendy were over here, they came to use some salad came out in yucky clumps and they found the expiry date on the back of the bottle...2004! lol They then checked my other about being embarrassed! lol

I'll be right over for some of that chili...I'd love garlic bread with it please! hehe xoxo

Linda said...

I bet Martha has someone who cooks for her, don't you? Hmmm. Don't know if she'd eat Kraft's though. My kids sure did love it.

The Vintage Kitten said...

My cupboards are in desperate need of re-organising. Two dishes fell out and broke a few days ago they are that bad. I just cant get motivated. Pussycat looks like she is doing Yoga Hee Hee X

Beth said...

Uh,,you must have been having a major heatwave in Franklin,,upper 90s? LOL. Hey,,I bet Mawtha even cooks some lean cusine meals too,,straight from the freezer to the nuker!

Dianne said...

Yes, it's cooling down here too...103 today! Overnight low of 82 degrees. Yahoo!

Jeanie said...

This reminds me of my Tupperware cupboard (and a bunch of others). Things fall out of it -- never with the corresponding lid! The drawer above doesn't close -- oh, my dear; I'm afraid you hit a wee bit close to home. (And we won't talk about expired food or science experiments!) Glad Bella is tidy, too!

MarkMcL said...


Only 2007! Good job you haven't seen the back of our cupboards.


Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Rosa! Hope you`re doing great. Love your pantry cupboards and cats and you`ve made me hungry :)


robin bird said...

mawtha certainly learned the meaning of fast food while in her sing sing hilton. i bet a little 'ol box of mac and cheese sounded pretty good at times! i am in the midst of doing this very thing myself! straightening my cupboards i mean. my cooking slump has lasted for about 5 years now.... does it ever pass you think? i swear it is because at 55 i've made chile about 2,000 times that it just doesn't inspire anymore. bella looks beautiful :)



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