Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yes, I'm still chugging along, pretending it's fall. Almost 90º out there. But, I'm not letting it get me down. I woke up grumpy and just pushed that yucky feeling away as much as I could.

I made two new tea cup arrangements for fall. I figured it was time to take the spring ones down. hehe.

Then I got rid of the poinsettias from Christmas that had white flies breeding on them. Ew. When I was making the invitations a week back, these little "gnats" kept flying about.

When I inspected the only place they could be coming from, I discovered they were white flies eating my poinsettias. Ew. So, I just threw them out. They were doing so well; and while I know they were from Christmas last year, I just allowed them to keep on growing. Until critters took over. Me and my critters. Geesh.

So, I'm rid of my Christmas stuff and my spring stuff. Ya think Autumn can come on and get moving already?

Tonight we have the kid's high school open house. I'm waiting on the hub to swing by and pick me up--gonna be late, late for a most important date.

Oh. I forgot to show you what was in my mailbox yesterday. This is no lie, one day. No wonder I can't sit down and get through my catalogs each day. This is utterly ridiculous!


Judy said...

What a beutiful mantle and centerpiece. It is 60's here and drizzling rain tonight. I'm so glad it has cooled off.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I always love your decorations! Wow, that's a pile of catalogues! I hope you had a good time visiting your son!



Linda said...

How cute is that teacup decoration. I wish I had that skill.

Beth said...

I gotta fallerize my teacups too! Spring is way over,,ha! Wowza on the catalogs,,but they do make some good pictures for ATCs. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

The mantle in your kitchen is SPECTACULAR!!!saucy and I will be talking about it in about one minute!! You did an amazing job - (just in time for Christmas!) xoxo the fan

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Your fall decorations are so pretty.....I saw the catalogs you got in the mail....I get a lot as well, drives my husband crazy....but I think you won.....great post...
Mo :-)

Queenly Things said...

You are putting me in the mood to re-adorn the place. I love your autumn display.

PEA said...

Your mailman must complain of a sore back if he has to deliver all those magazines to you in one day! hehe I have quite a few also that I have to read, I'm wayyy behind with everything since the garden's been keeping me so busy the last couple of weeks.

It's funny that you should mention throwing out your poinsettia because it had bugs on it...just this morning I was looking at one of the plants I have in the house and I could see little white flies all around it...out it went! Like you, I hate any kind of critters in the house! lol

Love your idea of Autumn tea cup arrangements! I need to get all my Autumn stuff out as well, hopefully will have time to do it this weekend.

Come over here, we are always in the 40's early in the morning and the mid 60's by afternoon...true Autumn weather! lol xoxo

Jeanie said...

How beautiful! I'm beginning to get my autumn out too, and I may just "borrow" your teacup idea! As much as I love summer and wish it would stay, I do love the fall colors!

The Vintage Kitten said...

You must be very popular to receive all that mail!! I only get bills. I love picnics like you even if they are in the car, but I dont like tea or coffee from a flask so thank god for Macdonlds tea and coffee. The moors were lovely and very much like the moors where I live but because of what I mentioned it does spoil them. The 2 evil people who did those awful things are well known names to people of a certain age in the UK. Its 42 years since they were jailed (she has died, he is still alive) it still upsets me to think what they did when yet another crime programme is shown on TV. One of the children was never found and is still on the moors somewhere, Very Sad.... Not to dwell, Its definately not 90 degrees here, its absolutely freezing, but when its hot I get bitten to death from all the beasties so I like the cold. Good excuse to put on a real fire. Hope you arent still feeling grumpy!!Speak again soon, Mandy XXX



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