Tuesday, September 30, 2008

May I Have Some Fiber with That, Please?

My doctor had suggested that I go to a nutritionist and set up the appointment for me. I had always balked at those suggestions in the past. But, I have put on so much weight over the years that now they have me on diabetic alert. My blood sugars have been fine but they want to make sure they stay that way. So do I, of course. When they took my blood today, two hours after lunch, it was a perfect 70. Yea!

The nutritionist, who I absolutely adored, explained some things about how foods are broken down once in the stomach. I now know that liquid carbs are a no-no. No juices, no sodas, etc. They just go right into the system and spike the sugar up to 60 points! Ouch. Not a problem there, I'm not a big juicer or soda person. She also explained to me that it's the fiber that helps slow down the digestion of carbs which in turn gives time for the insulin to do its job. I was told to have 7-11 grams of fiber with each meal. She told me about what foods to eat to get that fiber each day. I think I'm feeling better already. Not that I was feeling bad. Just fat. For once, I have to add something to my diet rather than to take away. Sounds good to me!

Before going to the nutritionist's office, I picked up some mags to read, including the new Cook's and ATK magazines. (I didn't take them into the office, just in case everything in them was a no-no.) I brought them home and let the kid pick out what dinner would be tonight.

He chose the chicken with biscuits. Super easy as it called for already-made rotisserie chicken! Yahoo!

Now you know me and my biscuit-challenged self. I wondered if these would turn out.

They did! Again, yay!! (Sorry for the pic. We had already dug in and I don't know why it's blurry!)
With a serving of this, even with the biscuit on top (hardly any fiber!), I had a slice of Nature's Own double fiber wheat bread--a whopping 2.5 grams of fiber right there in a slice!

Wooof. I'm stuffed. It was a good day.


Judy said...

The chicken and biscuits look yummy!! What a nice choice.

The Vintage Kitten said...

The meal looks really nice and I like brown wholemeal bread. I think Im borderline diabetic, I was tested years ago and the doctor said I wasnt but Im not so certain. I wont go back and get tested again. Hope the fibre (we spell it this way in the uk, just incase anyone thinks I cant spell! LOL!) helps your diet X

Beth said...

Yummy on the chick and biscs. Hmmmm,,,fiber huh? Ok,,but I don 't like alot of bread,,guess I can get it from my cereal bars.
That was very informative,,,thanks dear friend!

Jeanie said...

Great post and the biscuits look fab! There's so much to be said for fiber on a lot of counts. I'm so glad that now lots of cooking mags include that info! (Love your cooking magazines -- they're two of the best!)

Artsy said...

Glad you're working on taking care of your health. I've been alerted to pre-diabetes too. It runs in my family. So Dale and I have been watching what we eat for most of the past year. I can tell you that we can live without chocolate. yup. In fact I have felt so much better cutting things with refined sugars way way down. One day last week I told Dale that suddenly I felt so good that it was noticeable. Sometimes it creeps up on us so slow we don't really see it coming. Exercise is of great importance too. I'm so glad you're taking care of yourself.

PEA said...

You trying to tell me that fudge and chocolate don't have fiber in them and are not good for me????? Darn! hehe Isn't it amazing what you can learn from a nutritionist! I've gained weight in the last few years as well and really need to start eating the proper foods...it's getting my willpower to kick in that seems to be the problem. Sigh. Pass me some of that yummy looking chicken and biscuits please:-) xoxo

Pearl said...

Wish I could follow your example. Sounds like you are doing well. Good for you my friend.

Your dish looks yummy!

Take care,

Dianne said...

How funny because I wrote on my blog today about my morning routine of many different juices...all designed to lower something!

You eat the same bread I do. It's great! I don't eat much bread but if and when I do, Nature's Own has always been my favorite.

Good luck with all of this! Let me know how you're doing on it.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm so glad that you've been to see the nutritionist, and that you're taking a little time to share what you've learned there. I knew that fiber was important, but I didn't realize that it slowed down the intake of carbs. That's a good thing to know.

I feel better knowing that you're putting your health on that long list of things to take care of, Rosemary. Take good care!

Queenly Things said...

Fiber makes the world go round, so to speak. Yeah, me, too - fiber is now my friend!!!

Tex Swiss said...

I eat so much healthier here in France but still gain weight. Could it be cheese and wine consumption?

robin bird said...

you do make me laugh rosa :) ....the new Cook's and ATK magazines. (I didn't take them into the office, just in case everything in them was a no-no.) i learned one new thing or at least was reminded of something i knew but forgot... "...it's the fiber that helps slow down the digestion of carbs which in turn gives time for the insulin to do its job. I was told to have 7-11 grams of fiber with each meal." i wouldn't mind hearing what that list is she gave you either. take good care of yourself! we can all do it together ;)



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