Friday, October 03, 2008

That Darn Cat(s)

The night before last, I couldn't sleep. So, I came downstairs for something and was startled by this--Abby sitting near the top stair guarding the front door. She would not look at me. Of course, I had to grab the camera. She still wouldn't give me a glance as I shot several flashes at her in the almost-pitch dark. Is this what cats do when we go to sleep? Guard the house?

Yesterday morning, when I came down the back staircase, this is what I found. Aha! There wasn't any guarding going on while these shenanigans were taking place. Perhaps one got bored guarding the back door and decided to have a little fun. I gasped, literally, when I saw what someone {thing} had done to the pom pom on my favorite sweater in all the world. I'm not one to get attached to clothes; but this one sweater has a special place in my heart. During our last trip to Europe, our first stop was Amsterdam. The airline had lost our luggage, so the kid and I had to purchase a couple of pieces to get us through the windy chill (our jackets were packed away--not smart). Anyhoo, being of plus-sized proportions, my shopping spree was extremely limited at De Bijenkorf, the local department store. I was flabbergasted to find this gorgeous sweater in the Marina Rinaldo section! Of course, I never would have purchased it if it weren't for Northwest Airlines' paying for it, mind you. Between the weak dollar and the designer tag, it was a lot more than I have ever paid for a sweater. So yes, for more than one reason, I hold it very dear to me!

I have to admit, the pom pom was my least favorite part though, but I surely wasn't going to tear it off. I'm sure it was the Divine Miss B that did the damage. Not that the others wouldn't have helped, I'm sure. But it is more with Bella's demeanor to not being able to walk away from a pom pom looking her in the face. My fault for hanging it over the banister in the first place, I know. Regardless, a sad state of affairs here.

But no worries. If I so wish, I have a replacement for it. Vallen makes these gorgeous pom poms. How convenient that I have a set that perfectly match the sweater. Doesn't it look sweet? Perfect fall colors.

And speaking of Val, she had a two-year blogiversary last week. My name was one of many she pulled out of a hat for special hand-made gifts.

Look at what I won! Her wristlets are just the best. This one is tea themed. I love the old brass buttons and the turquoise and coral pieces in there. Just so lovely. I'm sure I will get many compliments on this in my journeys.

She also threw in a lagniappe (a little something extra).

She knows how Riverside's motif is a dragonfly; and just take a look at what she found for me!! That girl is just the bestest. Thank you Val. Mwwwwwaaa!

It's chillier today, finally. Perhaps I will put on my sweater with new pom pom and my new wristlet and take a stroll. I am loving this weather!


Judy said...

How cute!! Or should I say how naughty? I blame my Bailey for everything that goes on because he is the mischeivious one...but I caught Anna doing what I thought he had been doing all along. So many scoldings he got, now wonder he gave me that look of I didn't do it!!!

Artsy said...

The little scamps! Its usually the most innocent looking one that did the deed! They get some funny notions.

Have a great day.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Aww, your pussycat is very cute. Izzy (my kitten) has ruined the tassles on my curtain tie backs. And Jasper earlier on ate the chicken I had just put out when I had to answer the front door. Ive got 4 cats and 2 of them never stop being 'naughty' Ive never lost my pom poms though!! I like the new look background X

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Aaaaahhh, those little devils! They know how to look innocent when, in fact, they are real monsters ;-P...

Cheers and have a nice weekend,


Saucy said...

I also decorate with a dragonfly motif! Wonderful goodies. Too bad about that darn cat and the pom pom... although I think pom poms are irresistible too.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Those dragonflies are really pretty.

Those naughty kitties! It's sort of a funny thought though, to think of the mischief that goes on when we're not looking, sometimes. LOL!

Queenly Things said...

Gee my kitty only leaves surprises that are not the least bit cute and even less photographable.
I'm so happy the pom-poms found the perfect home. Cats, stay away!!!!

Dianne said...

Too funny!

I wish I was still there so we could walk together!

It's finally cooling down here so I can take Diz for walks every morning. We're both loving it!

Jeanie said...

Wow -- great win! Beautiful. As for your feline friends -- I'm sure it's like when you see people on the news saying, "He murdered his entire family and buried them? But he seemed like such a NICE young man!"

mandco said...

Hihi, no wonder she would'nt look you straight in the eye ;-) ...I can sense one my dogs when they've done something wrong...they just reek of guilt ;-) your pom pom sweather is adorable!! Love pom pom's on everything ;-)

Beth said...

OH,,Miz B was just a little bit bored? Lucky you have some pom poms handy. That darn cat!!!!
Too funny though!

robin bird said...

oh i bet you are the cats meow in the neighborhood with your new bangles and sweater dujour.
what sweet gift package!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

oh your poor sweater! LOL! But it was so fun to play with I'm SURE! I'm glad you were able to repair it!



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