Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Snippets from the Financial Times

My heart goes pitter patter whenever I see, hear, smell anything Liberty of London. This is my all-time favorite store in all the world. I could spend hours here. Days. This is the kind of store you wish you could hide while they're closing down so you could actually sleep here over night and touch every piece in every nook. Sigh.

So I was quite excited to read a little blurb about a new perfume line in Liberty of London's beauty hall. In the article "Fragrance to Stir You," Lucie Muir tells how you can have your own Le Labo perfume mixed and bottled right there for you and your personal label slapped on the front including a "fresh until date." She likened it to going to a bar and having a cocktail made for you. I like that. There's something very decadent about it. And speaking of which . . .

I quickly went to Liberty of London's site to look for the perfume. Instead, I found all kinds of other goodies. I'll take this medium duffel embossed with the most delightful art nouveau pattern. Thank you.

And then this little darling to adorn my neck.

Perhaps this one too.

Both would fit nicely in here with the new perfume made just for me.

Let's pencil in a shopping date for Liberty of London, shall we?


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love those objects, especially the necklaces!



Jeanie said...

I always love your walkthrough of the Financial Times! You picked out lots of things I like, too!

Judy said...

What lovelies!! I'll take one of each thank you.

Pearl said...

Oh boy I had a wonderful time...We could be great shopping partners.
I can see why you love that shop.

Hope you are doing well.

Saucy said...

Well, well! What timing! We actually can pencil in a shopping date... sort of.. The Fan is in London tomorrow! I am sending her this link, ASAP! Thanks!

Maybe she will find us a little sumthin' sumthin'...

Linda said...

I've been to London several times but somehow missed this store. I will be alert should I ever make it back to England.

Dianne said...

Shopping? Did you say shopping? You know I'm up for that...anytime!

Queenly Things said...

Make that two of everything, have them wrap it up and then we'll go for tea. Ta.

Beth said...

I am ready for my walk with through Liberty of London. When do we leave girlfriend?
Your so awesome,,,
Love U!!!



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