Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's All a Blurr

The teenager blew in and out of here like a white tornado. It was great having him home and I think he accomplished catching up on his sleep (if that was what he needed). It was a super fast four days but wonderful having him home just the same. We did a lot of shopping for him (food for the dorm--he has lost a lot of weight!) and even got dim sum in on Sunday. We all enjoyed that!

We were able to get his Halloween costume made in a flash. He's going to be Moses since he already has the hair and beard. We took one of his old tan sheets and I sewed it(quite primitively, I may add) into a robe. I then bought him a couple of yards of burlap to wrap around him but found it stunk so badly (and I am highly allergic!) that I opted for an old throw that had been sitting out on the porch for like years. A piece of rope and voila, instant costume. Awww, I remember the days in Georgetown at Halloween. Those were the days. They would literally close the main streets down. I remember one year, somehow, the Star Trek Enterprise got through! Yes, someone had taken a big old mobile home and turned it into the enterprise! It was as close to Mardi Gras as you could get. Crazy. So, I can only imagine how UT will be. Fun. We found some old pieces from way back that I passed on to him in case someone needed a costume lickety split. This old mask was my brother Johnny's way back in the 80s! It's time to pass the torch.

Speaking of Johnny, he is in Atlanta at the Shepherd Center having a consultation done on his sore that has been wreaking havoc in his life for years. He's hoping they can operate on him. We don't want another episode like earlier this year. I'm waiting to hear from him as to what's being done and when so I can go down and be with him. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

The house is as quiet as it can get. Abby crawls into the guest bed. (Dave is out hunting, I'm sure.)

Bella prefers the family room sofa.

As do I. I lay down for a short bit yesterday. And this was my view.

The funk has not lifted yet but I sure am trying to shoo that black cow flying overhead!


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rosa, Im not supposed to be blogging at the moment, but couldnt visit and not send my best wishes to your brother. Hope everything goes well X

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, best wishes to your brother! Such cute kitty pictures!



Beth said...

I will be thinking of your brother and remembering him in my prayers. The costume sounds cool. I got some kind of bad sinus stuff too. I too off yesterday and didn't do much at all,,it was a day to just lay around. Glad you got to see your teen!

PEA said...

Hello dear Rosa:-)

As I mentioned to you in my email, Bloglines was not picking up your posts so now I find myself having to catch up on all your news....so you weren't taking a break after all! lol

How wonderful that the teenager was able to come home for a few days. If he's anything like my Corey, he comes home to catch up on his sleep, that's about it! lol Between sleeping and seeing his friends, I don't get to spend much time with him at all. I hope he gets a picture taken once he has his Halloween costume on:-)

My prayers are with Johnny...please let us know as soon as you hear any news.

The kitties look so satisfied...I just went out on the deck to feed the stray momma kitty, no sign of her babies today. She licks my fingers now but still won't let me pet her. We really need to catch her and the kittens to bring them to the animal shelter...they'll never survive the winter. I wish I could keep them but Eddie won't allow an animal in the house:-( Phooey on him! lol xoxo

Linda said...

I miss the celebration of Halloween in the States. They don't celebrate it the same way here. It is a religious holiday and flowers are taken to the graves of loved ones who have passed on All Saints Day. I miss that craziness. So sorry to hear about Johnny. Have you heard about that honey from New Zealand that is supposed to be almost a miracle drug for sores?

Mrs. Staggs said...

I think of your brother from time to time, and hope that he is doing well, so I'm sorry to hear that he's having to go through more than he already does, each day. I will certainly hold a good thought for him, Rosemary.


Jeanie said...

Wishing you warm good wishes for your brother. He will certainly be in my thoughts.

Love the kitty photos -- I've seen the same pose with Gyp as you have with Bella when in the "reclining position" on the sofa! It's like this contented vulture above you!



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