Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frost on the Pumpkins

The temps got down into the 30s ƒ last night. We're going right into winter around here! Wait! What happened to the fall?

The kid and hub carved the pumpkins last night. Look at the size of these babies! I still love the traditional wonky jack-o-lanterns. I think the kid almost froze to death. Don't think he is quite ready to say goodbye to the warm weather.

At least the hub was dressed appropriately. Burr doggy!

I broke open one of the bing-chas today. I was dying to taste it. Now that the weather has turned quite nippy, it's the perfect time for tea sipping.The wrapping was impeccable and I hated to undo the beautiful folds. But I did anyway.

How funky is this?

I first steeped it in one of my "pu'er designated" yixing tea pots. These are very small pots made from a certain clay found in China. You're supposed to use different pots for different teas, so that is just what I do.

I then transferred it to another pot where I could add water. I don't like a strong tea.

Raphael's grandfather's demitasse cups are perfect for Chinese tea. Not too much, not too little. At first, I caught a hint of licorice. I'm not a licorice person, so I was weary to taste it. It's actually very good. Very earthy.

Medicinal? I'll let you know if I get the sudden urge to run a marathon! I did, however, put a leaf on my cuts from last week. (I was pulling the blinds up to let the sun in, and the enitre thing fell on me. I put my hand out to keep it from falling on my helper--Bella--and it gashed my hand.) Thought since it looked red today, I'd give the tea a whirl, like the video said. Could be the next best thing after aloe? Or my thumb could fall off.

Overall, I like it very much! So, I'm happy to give one away, now that I know it's not like drinking dirt. teehe.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'd love to experience Halloween as you do in the US! So great!



Jeanie said...

Wow -- love the kid's shoes -- NOT! Love the tea thing. Bless you for not falling on Ms. B -- especially after she was so snooty!

Judy said...

I love the tea!! I don't like strong tea either.

Queenly Things said...

Maybe your thumb falls off and then you grow a new one. Thirty degrees? Wow, I wonder f that's how we're going to roll into the next season around here? I'm waiting.

The Vintage Kitten said...

We had our first frost a few days ago and today we had snow. Its freezing! Maybe if the weather stays like this I wont get many trick or treaters and I can keep all the sweeties! Your pumpkin is huge...Have a great Halloween! X

Pearl said...

Hello there!
Wanted to stop by and wish you a
Happy Halloween.
That pumpkin is a doozy.
Fall is giving us here in St. Louis
some quality sunny days lately.
Very enjoyable.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

And I was under the belif that it was still warm over there ;-) Glad to know I'm not the only one freezing ;-) I'm such a tea person, as well as a licorise lover, so that chineese tea sounds delicious. I have to try find that over here. Love your seasonal background!



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