Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pretending It's Fall

Yesterday was miserably hot and humid. But in the afternoon, I pretended it was in the 50s with a little breeze blowing the falling leaves around. (As long as I didn't look outside or open a door, I was fine.) I made myself some tea and sat down to go through my ever growing stack of catalogs and newspapers. Can't figure out why I can't sit down, like once a day, and go through what comes in. I suppose with the holidays around the bend (can you believe it?) that the catalogs are beginning to come in at extraordinary speed. The trees are shaking in their roots.

I had made an appointment with a local podiatrist for mom so they could trim her toenails. Don't know about you, but that is on my list of nails down the chalkboard yuk. Even my children will tell you that it was always up to the hub to trim their nails. (The teenager learned at an early age to bite his.) Dogs? Couldn't even go there. Just writing about it makes my fingers curl in. Ouch. Mine, no problem. Silly, isn't it. At any rate, I don't want mom cutting her own nails any more because the last time she did, she cut her big toe. (Fingers' curling.) She did fine at the doc's office. I never know any more what she understands and doesn't. Me on the other hand was looking away as if they were pulling blood out of my arm or something. Heeby jeebies! (Fingers' curling.) Ok, 'nuf about that!

On our way home we stopped and got some cherry limeaids and she was just tickled pink. It always makes me happy when mom is so happy. Now, if I could only get rid of this crazy colored striped velour jacket she wears, I'd be really happy! (What was I thinking when I bought it for her?????)

Bella was in with me regarding the "pretend it's fall" thing.

She sat with me bathing herself in the sun as if it really were 50˚.

Whatever it takes, I say. Suppose we'll be pretending for a little while longer cause it's hot again today. Sigh.


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Oh Rosa, you Mama is so cute ! I say let her keep and wear that jacket. :)
..and Bella oh how she has grown!

I am looking forward to it getting below 90 degrees myself !


Vallen said...

I think it might actually happen this year, Rosemary. I think fall is on its way. I swear I need a sweater this morning on my way to work. Little by little it will happen.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Here, it is already feeling like fall since three weeks... Your mother looks fit and Bella is as sweet as ever!



Linda said...

Hope it's cool there soon. I wanted to let you know that Dianne opened your "birthday card" while here in our apartment in Paris. She was really surprised that you remembered. She heads home today.

Saucy said...

You taks such sweet care of your mom.... I'm totally on board with the toenail thing... I can barely do my own.

Jeanie said...

Glorious photos. Your mom looks fabulous (and cherry limeade sounds great!). I know what you mean about the toe thing! And those photos of Bella, especially the tight shot -- WOW. Outstanding.

Carrie said...

Just out of curiosty, why the podiatrist? I completely understand the cringe factor. Mom had the same problem with my Nanny, so we would all take turns going to the nail salon with Nanny, we'd have a girl's day and get mani/pedi's and go get lunch. For us, (Mom, Aunt Jerry and 4 Grand daughters) it was some lovely bonding time with Nanny.

Judy said...

Rosa your Mother is so cute even in the red jacket. And if it makes her smile then I'd let her keep it. I promise I'll try to remember to not mention those cutting things again!! LOL!!

bird tweet said...

what a funny post! your dry humor is always a breath of...fresh air. that nice autumn air. what a good pretender you are. but wait.. i do know you are serious about the cringe factor and the...ummm. metatarsal trimming. yikes if i think about it i can get a little woozy myself and i have never felt like that before. i think it sounds a lot worse when hearing that someone else is going to do it to her. i would screech in protest if it were me! no, i mean no one touches my feet. i do my own pedicures thank you very much!

good kitty, pretty kitty. hello bella :)



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