Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Autumn in the Air

We awoke yesterday morning to some cooler weather. Dare I say, Autumn is inching its way in? Let's hope. (Although, today, it's in the 80s again, yuk.) I opened every window and door I could to let all the fresh air in. It didn't take much to blow the petals off most of my tulips.

Still pretty, even sitting on the counter. That orange is so lovely, isn't it?

I've been putting some of my fall things out, trying to get the house in some type of order. Sometimes, I feel as if I'm just spinning my wheels. I'll start doing something in one spot, then move to grab something and start doing something totally different in another. Pretty soon, the hub will come home and find me just wandering about. I started this on the fireplace mantel yesterday before moving off to start something else altogether, I suppose.

Val had sent me these wonderful Halloweenish tags when I ordered the tea cozy. She's the sweetest. I stamped them for October and hung them on a string. Voila. Instant banner. (Yes, I know it's only September--I guess I'm one of those crazies preparing for Halloween a month early like some begin preparing for Christmas, like NOW? I swear, some stores have Christmas stuff out! Eeeee gads!)

Love them!

I received the sweetest little note from my Aunt Ann who still lives in Maryland. She enclosed some old family photos of me and my brother. It's always fun to see old pictures you had never seen before, isn't it? Aunt Ann and Uncle Johnny were friends of my parents. They aren't blood relatives, but they were always family to us. My brother Johnny was named after Uncle Johnny, Aunt Ann's husband. She is in her 90s and is as sharp as a tack. She still calls mom to talk with her even though she knows mom can't really talk. Aunt Ann asks her questions that she can say yes and no to. So thoughtful. I look to be about two or three in this photo. It was torn to only show myself playing with crayon, that she probably brought, and her in the background. (I wonder who was torn out? hehe.) Looks to be one of my dad's photos he shot.

I was so thrilled with the photo that I had to make something for Aunt Ann and send it back to her. And this is the page I came up with. Photoshop is amazing stuff. I used Mo Jackson's doodads to make it. The wedding picture to the left is my parents'. Awwwww. I can't wait to hear from her and see what she thinks. Fun stuff.

Well, it's time to start cooking dinner, and I don't have any inclination of doing so. Maybe I'll just go wonder about and start a couple of other projects instead. Or maybe I'll just wonder about.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Aww Werent you a cutie? I like your fireplace surround too Mandy X

Judy said...

I love the tags. You sound like me, I roam around starting things and moving on to something else because I get distracted. I loved getting out my fall things but am waiting to do more Halloweeny stuff.

PEA said...

Awwwww look at them cheeks!! What a cutie pie you were...and still are:-) Love that banner and hanging it from your fireplace mantle is the perfect spot. I'm so bad at doing something and then getting completely sidetracked and doing something else...then at the end of the day I wonder why I didn't accomplish much. lol Your Aunt Ann will just love that page you made for her, it's gorgeous!! xoxo

Saucy said...

Those tags make a nice banner indeed! I love your ravens.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Yes, fall has definitely arrived! You look so cute on that picture!



MJ said...

OMG Rosa.....What fond memories I have of Ann and Johnny. I can remember when we use to go over and visit with them at their house in Maryland. I even remember a visit that we made when they lived in DC. They always welcomed us in their home. Lovely couple...would do anything for you. God Bless Ann and I am so happy to hear that she is still as sharp as a tack. Oh how I would love to see her again. It seems so very long ago...ahhh the memories. Thanks for sharing the pics. I know Ann will just adore and cherish what you made for her.


Beth said...

See you were even artistic then as a sweet little tot! Thats a great college that you made in PS.
I hope to get to see you today. Check out my fall blog!

Jeanie said...

There's WAY too much in this post to comment on as it deserves, but first let me say that's a wonderful picture of an adorable little girl! So cute! The flower photos are exquisite. And I'm loving your autumn home tour! The tag banner is terrific and a great idea for me to do in my spare time! (But really, maybe I could take some of my fall ATCs and put an eyelet in them and string them. That would be a GOOD thing I might even be able to pull off!) Love it all!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is such a lovely post, Rosemary. Those tulips are amazingly beatiful, "just there" like that. You were, and are such a cutie pie!

Your aunt sounds like such a lovely person. I bet she enjoyed her doo dadded up book very much.

The banner turned out great! I love the vignette with the crows. You have such a gift for decorating!

robin bird said...

cute, cute you!!!! those cheeks look to be perfect for soft kisses!!

love the fall photo of the tulips... i'm sorry but i wish it were 90 here.. it is chilly and dark :(

you decorate for all the seasons and celebrations.. that is so great!

Dianne said...

You do the neatest things! What an amazing woman you are.

Queenly Things said...

Yay you, that was the best idea for those tags. Genius. I agree with all the above comments you were/are adorable!!!

Betzie said...

Those tags are so so cute...great idea! Your Aunt will ove your page...:)

Anonymous said...

Do you have Tulips now?! How strange! I've always thought of those as Spring flowers!
Love the tags!! And adore the story of aunt Ann! You're so sweet to make her that collage!



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