Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday (FT) Snippets

You know I'm addicted to china (and crystal and silver and pottery . . . ). You know I have more than just several sets. You know I redid my kitchen mainly to find room to store my china, right? Problem is, I still get that pang in my stomach when I see lovely pieces such as these. Like I need more. You know I have two sons, right? Do you think they are interested in inheriting any of my much beloved dinner sets, tea sets, even dessert sets? I think not. (I'm praying both will marry girls just like ME who will love all of my stuff with as much excitement and I.) Fat chance.

When I opened up the Financial Times' House & Home section, it was interesting first to read about the house the Obamas reside in and the houses and condos (8?) the McCains own. I, for one, love me a good old brick home vs. the condo scene. Ask me again in about 30 years and my answer may change. Perhaps it won't. Regardless, the article, The Candidates' Cribs, delves into "the choice of where they make their homes can easily be seen as symbols for their differing ideologies." I've always fascinated by people's homes regardless of who they are.

After finishing that article I skimmed through the normal real estate section picking my next house out in the English countryside (my dream retirement home) and then on through the paper. Of course, when I turned to the photo at the beginning of the post, my heart did a skimp jump. I have no idea where my addiction to china stems. I purchased my first set at a yard sale when I was barely out of high school for about $30. It was a big cardboard box chock full of Noritake's cardinal pattern (made in "Occupied Japan" mind you) that I stuffed in my closet for years before I ever looked at it again.

When my dear Aunt Ollie passed, I was given several pieces of her dessert set in Haviland's silver anniversary pattern.

After becoming engaged to the hub, we picked out "our" china. We were both into art deco and chose accordingly with all our art deco fervor, Noritake's sterling cove pattern. (If he hadn't come along, I was just about ready to pick out my own at the ripe age of 25!) Of course, shortly after we were married the pattern was discontinued. To my amazement, I found it one year at Costco, of all places, and purchased enough to throw a grand party. (Yea right.)

Then, there was the year, out of the blue, the hub purchased for me a lovely tea and dessert set by Villeroy & Boch, their Pasadena pattern. (Bella was not included.)

I fell so deeply in love with my mother-in-law's wedding china, I started collecting it off Ebay. And so, I have that set now. Grin. So yes, you see, there is a pattern--an obsession, I suppose you could call it.

But yes, there's more. There's always more. Here's the china cab I had built in. Did it hold everything?

Naw. I had to finish out the hall closet in the back. Remember that DIY weekend?

It's the shapes of the pieces that always grab me. Just a little different is what makes me giddy. Again, when I saw the picture of the Ina coffee set at the top of the article Coffee Cups and Communism, I got butterflies in my tummy. It's about a new exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum (sigh) "Cold War Modern: Design 1945-70." You know I'd take a cab right over if I were in London to ooh and aww over the exhibit. Obviously, I care more about the coffee set than the crazy modern chairs.

And, of course, the addict I am, I quickly went online and did a quick search of LubomirTomaszewski's Ina coffee set (above circa 1961). And, of course, there was a set for sale dating back to 2006 at, above, for a mere €1280. I wonder if it's still available? hehe.

Look at the curves on these babies! It reminds me a lot of my mother-in-law's set, circa 1950s. Yep, I could surely fit this set into my collection. And, yes, I could find space for it. There's still another closet that has yet to be refinished by me!

Stop me now! Kidding, of course. But a gal can dream, can't she? But please do not, I repeat DO NOT allow me to get onto Ebay in my state of heightened china excitement.


paris parfait said...

Oh honey, you and me both! I am mad about china and have way too much of it (and no place to store it). I recently gave away two sets of hand-etched crystal glassware, but the china? Can't let go. And Fiestaware?? I have enough to have a party for 100 people. Seriously. It is an addiction. And I love the curves on the ones pictured here. By the way, I found a nice R for you at Chatou. Winging its way to you soon. xo

Saucy said...

I love this post... I also have a thing for china, but mostly for serving pieces and cake stands. Veto and I had a china standoff last year, that's just not like us.

That cabinet you had put in is wonderful... what a great piece!

And yes, I agree that a home says much about the person... or the candidate.

Jeanie said...

Oh, my! Well, you know we share that china addiction in common, don't you! It's fun to see your beautiful patterns. I know what you mean about having disinterested boys -- I figure I'm using mine to the hilt, and (this makes purists and my historic preservationist friend cringe) even use the dishwasher (not the crystal or sterling), because if I have to wash every piece, I wouldn't use it. I'm using every bit, every day for as long as I live. If it breaks, at least I know I treasured it while I could!

Storybook Woods said...

I hear you, I have a huge china addiction too. Clarice

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Rosa, I think its because she looks like she is holding her undies up in the air?? the china is lovely....... I say go to Ebay and get more! You can never have too much X

Queenly Things said...

Aunt Ollie's china has me doing somesaults. I love it. And what's that pink stuff hanging out up there in the closet? I would have dozensd of sets of china if space and finances allowed. Two peas in a china pod.



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