Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesday Dinner By Myself

I found these luscious looking oranges at the grocers today and I can hardly wait to cut into one and taste it! They are from Australia and look to be similar to honeybells. I hope they taste like them too! I bought part of a watermelon also, so perhaps I'll sprinkle the juices onto the watermelon. Is there anything better?

Well, perhaps Indian food. While in 'bama, I went to the le Creuset outlet and found these little numbers. The top is a bacon press and I thought the bottom grill pan would be great for paninis. Tonight I browned some chicken breast in it with the press on top to get things moving a little faster. It worked brilliantly!

I then added this new sauce I found at the grocers' today. You know me and my Indian. I can never pass up a new product with curry in it.

Since the kid fell asleep and didn't come down to dinner when I called him and the hub is having a bidness dinner, I ate all by my lonesome. Regardless, it was still very good. I like this sauce very much.

This is last night's sunset off the deck. Pink sky at night, sailors' delight.

Now that the kitchen is cleaned, I'm ready to settle in and turn on the TV to see what's happening in the Presidential race. It just goes from goofy to even goofier. Oooooof. I'm almost afraid to turn the TV on and see what announcements were made today!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A nice dinner! Very comforting!

I love the color of that sky!



Janet said...

That looks delish!! But I'm afraid that Indian food and my tender tummy wouldn't get along too good!

Love that pink sky photo! I'm also glad everything is ok with Riverside.

paris parfait said...

The dinner must have been delicious. And that sunset! Gorgeous. As for the presidential race, it's crazier by the minute. Do you notice the Republicans haven't even mentioned the economy? Guess because it doesn't affect them, it's unimportant. Sigh. xoxox

Vallen said...

I'm on a Le crueset kick and I love cast iron pans. That lid is a brilliant idea for lots of cookinbg needs. Must go looking.
I just want to dive into that sunset and come up pink.

Jeanie said...

Totally gorgeous sunset and your dinner sounds fabulous. I suppose its good to see what's on TV but frankly, I'm so depressed I don't want to watch. It just makes me angry.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're all doing ok.

Your dinner looks really good, and that sunset is beautiful.

What a strange couple of weeks, indeed. I enjoyed most of the DNC, but have to admit to thinking the "other guys" are pretty mean spirited.
I think that it is interesting, that in a week when more people are suffering from the effects of Gustav and thinking about Katrina, that one after another of them talked about downsizing government. Of course, they mean the social programs that are meant to lend a hand up to those who are born into the circumstance of poverty, and taught to keep to "their place". 'Course those people come in pretty handy for a photo op, don't they?
I wish that everyone would learn that what lifts up one, lifts up all of us, and that most folks are good people and willing to work for what they have. There will always be those who will abuse the system, rich and poor, but that shouldn't keep us from trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

I hope you will try creating a book. I think it will be a fun, no pressure way to at least get out our scissors and glue once or twice a week. I'm in that funk too. That's why I'm trying to create something to inspire me to sit down and try.


robin bird said...

where is my cup of tea please? and may i have a section of one of those oranges? i plan to sit out on your deck in that pink light and NOT think about politics.




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