Monday, August 13, 2007

Soon to Begin

Oh, to have it all done and finished with--dream on girlfriend. The men helped yesterday to remove everything from all the cabinets. It was so much easier with all those hands. The old saying "Many hands, little work" rang true yesterday.

We got most of it done, leaving the crystal stemware and vintage tea cups for me to box up today. I told the hub, we may as well just move; it's all packed up ready to go! You should see the bags of outdated items I had to toss from the pantry. Perhaps the new system will help me keep an eye on that stuff.
As you can imagine, everything has spilled over into other areas of the house. I stacked a lot of junk on the dining room table. I'll get to it later. I just wanted it out of the kitchen so I could concentrate on the job at hand. Within a couple of weeks, everything on the back side of the house will have to be moved in order for the floor guy to come in and refinish the hard woods. Lovely. What a ball that will be. The fun begins on Wednesday when the demolition begins. I am giving most of the cabinets and appliances to Habitat for Humanity. A friend, who is using our house plans to build his house will be taking the range. The island with sink and old desk is being moved upstairs to the "Pit." That should finish out that part of the house nicely (and perhaps entice the teenagers to stay up there? hehe) In the meantime, I have moved my computer over to the study. It's nice being able to look out the front window and see what's happening, ya know? Won't be here permanently, who knows where I'll end up with it.

Today was the first day of school. Can you believe it? The kid brought home a big ol' box of supplies. We were able to order the collection from the school this year. What a difference! I remember last year as if it were yesterday. A list of 45 items was like finding a needle in a haystack (last year's post here). Of course, I bought all the wrong things, so I let them do the shopping this time! What a relief! Both boys had a good first day. Tomorrow the fun begins when it's the actual first full day. The teenager was up and gone before we knew it; so I guess he was ready to get back into the swing of things. Even the kid was up and 'atem. Looks like a good start to a great year. Let's keep our fingers' crossed, shall we? Now, it's time for my homework. Looks like a lot of paperwork for me to fill out is waiting on the table.


Janet said...

OMG, I don't envy you all that mess but I'm sure the re-do will be worth it. Especially after seeing the new stove!

This summer seems to have flown has already started! How great to be able to buy the supplies from the school....everything all at once.

Dianne said...

This is why I'm not moving one stick of furniture into the AZ home until the kitchen is done! Waiting on a price from the contractor. This means more trips to the desert but also, more grandkid loving too!



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