Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Kitchen Cabs

I came home to a garage full of cabinets (and a penguin). Oooh, they look pretty. Of course, I am doubting my choice of jatoba for the island. It is really dark. Here's a pic of the island legs and a shelf that is going over the stove. It actually looks better in the picture.

This is my stove. I have always dreamed of having an AGA and they are finally making the dual fuel for the American market. I think I am as excited about the stove as I am about any of it. For once, I will have two ovens in one. It sure saves a lot of room in the kitchen combined like this.

And these are my cabinet pulls. I chose antique copper. The drawers will have knobs. I discovered that I like having knobs on my drawers so I can hang tea towels from them.

The kitchen folks are coming by this afternoon to go over everything with their peeps. I tell you, I sure don't look forward to this adventure.


PEA said...

Ummmm....did the penguin get on the wrong shipping freighter??? lol Too cute! Oh you lucky one you, getting an AGA, I've always loved those!! I can't wait to see your kitchen once it's all been put back together with the new stuff!! xox


Can't wait to see your new kitchen. You have such great taste.

Janet said...

That stove is to die for!!! And I don't even like to cook!

Beth said...

Wowza,,,you are going to have a dream kitchen girlfriend,,espiecally that awesome stove. Hope I get to see it in person when its all finished. It will be a mess for a short while and then you will be in Heaven and cooking away. Miss ya terribly.

Dianne said...

Girl, you're gonna do a lot of cooking on the new oven/stovetop! It's wonderful!!!!!

T*mmy said...

Now that's a stove! What I'm wanting is a big honkin' side by side sub zero fridge!!

Susie said...

It will be wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished job (and I know you feel the same!)

Vallen said...

An Aga is just the ticket. I saw my first one close up last summer in Scotland - real wordburning one. You are going to love it. When you're ready to tear your hair out during the remodel just holler. we did ours last year. It is an experience like no other.



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