Monday, August 20, 2007

Day One

The guys showed up this morning. Ready to conquer. If they hadn't, I would have.

I was actually pleasantly surprised at the quietness of the whole ordeal. They started with all the appliances getting moved out. The stove went to one part of the garage for our friend, the dishwasher down to my mom's kitchen and the microwave/oven to another part of the garage for Habitat to pick up.

Then they began tearing down the cabinets. The kid and I ran to do some errands and they were done by the time we got back. Wow. I am impressed.

You can see where I sponged some of the ugly brown tile one day I couldn't take it any longer. Hurts my eyes to look at it now.

Now, the teenager has been locked out of the garage. Pretty soon, guess I will too. NOT! Actually, Habitat will be picking everything up on Wednesday. I hope someone gets a nice kitchen with all these goodies. I would love to see where it goes.

Let's hope the rest of the job goes this smoothly.


PEA said...

Hey Rosa? Did you know your kitchen is all ripped apart??? hehe Wow, they really did do a lot in just one day! I think it's wonderful that you're giving all your stuff away to those in need of it!! xox

Linda said...

It will be fun to see the finished project. I know you are glad to finally get started. We need to tear down a wall in our apartment for more room and I am so dreading it. Of course, we actually have to find someone who can do it-and do a good job as well.

MarkMcL said...


Do RHS have a UK chapter? My Mum should be in that. She is prone to purple.

MarkMcL (aka Mr English)

Alexiev said...

It seems that this year is going to be left to pretty this... the truth already I was with construction 2 months... so as he is that... Greetings from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

T*mmy said...

You are such a sweetie donating those items!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Rosa,
You will soon have a beautiful new kitchen and how wonderful that your old one is being recycled. What a great thing to do!

(You asked if you could add my link to your blog and of course I would be most flattered!)

Look forward to seeing the transformation...



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