Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cat-Day Afternoon

The heat has lowered a bit, but yes, it's still hot! We've all been staying in and enjoying the cool air conditioning. I sure would hate to be without it these dog (er, cat) days. The cats have been tearing up the house. Bella just aggravates the kajeebies out of the two older kitties. Every once in a while, Dave gives her a good nip to let her know who's really boss. She runs away as if she has been beaten to a pulp, only to return to irritate him some more.

We found this great little boiled wool rug for the kitties yesterday and they are loving it. I named it "the jelly fish." I think Dave likes it the most. He has been on it since we brought it home. The thought of lying on wool give me the heeby-jeebies. Lord, don't need any more heat!

Bella has been catnapping on and off today in between messing with Dave. Such the life.

Abby and Dave's life isn't so rough either.

We're heading out to the airport in a few minutes to drop MJ off. Pout. Til then, her and the kid are playing their last round of UNO. It has been a fun visit.

Now the fun is almost over. School starts on Monday. I should begin taking everything out of the kitchen today; but I think I will wait until tomorrow. I'm so happy they decided to begin demo on Tuesday. Gotta get down to biz tomorrow though. No other choice. Joy. Where am I supposed to put it all? Even my computer has to be moved. Sigh. I really don't even want to think about it; so I won't.


T*mmy said...

Cute kitty~kitties!!
I see you play daughter taught me how to play Dutch Blitz when I was in is like Uno in a way but you have to be really fast...
I hope your construction goes swiftly!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Cute kitty pictures! They both looks so sweet...
Good luck with the kitchen!

Beth said...

Girl,,is it hot or what. I am at work and the air con in my office is broke,,so I sit here in a nice toasty 90 degree office while the suits at the board are enjoying their nice cool air con. Love those Kitty cat pics,so cute when they are all at their bowls together. You home now?



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