Thursday, August 16, 2007

Red Hat Society

My luck, this would be me at my first Red Hat Society meeting. Thanks MJ for the laugh.


T*mmy said...

teehee...that is cute!
I'm in the RHS now, only I'm wear a pink hat and lavender clothes...I have soooo much fun with those gals!!

cityfarmer said...

What will "they" think of next?


MJ said...

I did in fact have that happen once to me.....but I wasn't at a Red Hat Society meeting!! To this day I am fearful whenever I visit a ladies room wearing a dress or skirt for fear of showing my lovely tush!
With all that you are going through with your kitchen demolition, I thought that you could certainly use a good laugh.

Red Hats and More said...

Cute picture! I'm sure the ladies would help even if this did happen to you!



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