Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Home at Riverside

The kid and I have been on a roll. We're trying to cozy up Riverside. We don't have much more time here before the "season" is over. All the sales are hot and heavy so we have been burning up the streets (as my mom used to say.) Yesterday, we found these great bird houses and an old shutter to use as a table behind the sofa. Of course, we couldn't let well enough alone and had to paint it up a tad. The navy blue just wouldn't do. We chose some mustard and a little red in the nooks. It turned out great.

Of course, the kid had to blow dry it due to you-know-who. We actually had to put Miss Bella in the laundry room, paint and blow dry the shutter. You know she would have been all over the paint like flies to . . . well, you get my drift.

It turned out nicely and the living room is getting cozy just like we want it. Little by little.

I also bought a second-hand sofa for our bedroom today (shhh, don't tell the hub). It's being delivered tomorrow and I am crazy like a mad woman washing the cushion covers. It was very very clean, but you know me and my phobias--can sometimes get the best of me. You know how that is. I can't wait to get it. I'm going to put it in the nook where it is well needed. It was such a bargain (and an Ethan Allen!) and the colors were perfect, so I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, (gulp) we discovered the perfect store for me. It has all types of vintage furniture and nick nacks and just stuff, as the hub calls it. It's where we found the bird cages and the shutter. Lord, save us all.

I have my eye on an old vintage 40s desk for where I sit in the kitchen. It keeps calling me back to buy. I am presently using the hub's that we purchased for the nook in the bedroom (which now will be next to the new/old sofa). It's deeper than this one which is my only worry. The price is right and the color is right, it goes with my shabby beach chic I'm going for here; it's just a couple of inches too deep. Pretty sure I can make it work though--dontchya think?

We miss our friends who left on Monday . Big hugs to Leenda and "the friend." We miss YOU!!


LisaOceandreamer said...

Rosa I want to live at Riverside and when I'm not living there I want to live at your other house. You have the knack - the style - the flair - the shopping prowess - the clever ideas - the joie de vivre! AND you have a willing accomplice! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you show interior photos.
Now I MUST find some bird houses like those!!!

Linda said...

I love the idea of using the bird houses with the shutter as a table. What a good idea. Now I just have to find two identical bird houses. Hmm.

Beth said...

You definetly got the flair Girlfriend when it comes to decorating. I just love the shutter/birdhouses table,,awesomely shabby chic. And its not a bad thing that you found that wonderful store,,I can't wait to see the other desk you were describing!
Miss U

Peggy said...

now tell me what that dream house has that your homes don't? Yours not only looks fabulous you can feel the love and welcome just from the photos!

PEA said...

Only you would think of using two birdcages and a shutter to make a table for behind the sofa!!! lol It looks fantabulous!! I swear, Rosa, you are BETTER than Martha Stewart! hehe Love all the colours and the beach decor!! Get that vintage desk yet???? lol xoxo

Mrs. Staggs said...

I agree with everyone else, Miz Rosa, you truly have a gift for decorating. I love the idea of using the birdhouses as supports for the table.

Susie said...

Decor is certainly your thing and you do your thing so well!!
That bird cage table is so clever and all your colors look so inviting...
How can you stand to leave!!

Vallen said...

The birdcage table is so incredible. Some amgazine neds to come and photograph your wonderful taste and imagination.



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