Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Money Pit

For those of you familiar with the movie "The Money Pit," all I have to say is "two weeks."
"Contractors Art and Brad Shirk are called in, work permits are issued, and the job is originally estimated to take two weeks. The estimate of two weeks is a running gag throughout the movie. When asked how long a process will take, the answer is always "two weeks". Walter is increasingly frustrated by the delays and dubs the house “the money pit".; it'll get done in two weeks."
Oh, the famous last words of contractors! Ok, last week, the demo was supposed to begin on Monday. Then, it was changed to Tuesday, then Wednesday. I kid you not. This morning, I get a phone call, "Do you mind if we begin on Monday?" hehe. I think they (all contractors and workmen) go to the same school, don't you? It is quite a specialty they have of putting things off.

Of course, as I mentioned, the kitchen has been cleaned out since Sunday. And, as of Tuesday, I have given all misc. parts of my old stove to the friend who called dibs on it. So, obviously, I have no stove to cook on either. Grrrrrrrrr. I swear.

Tonight, we did our first cooking (and eating) at "Mom's Place." She was so happy to see us lugging my favorite pots and pans down. She cooked our hot dogs just right, like she always does. She watches things cooking on a stove like a professional guardsman keeping an eye on the safe. She never takes her eyes off the pan (except to smile for a photo op) and keeps food turned like a machine. She had those dogs evenly browned on all sides! The hub is out of town and the teenager is out with his buds, so it was only the three of us--mom, the kid and I. Yum. We ate on paper plates since we're moving the old dishwasher down here on Monday! We'll see if that rings true or not.

Today, we received our Chocolate of the Month from my brudda. Cupcakes!! My all-time favorite dessert (or snack, of course). Look how pretty. I haven't had a moment to see where they're from, but they are almost too pretty to eat. Never too pretty, of course, but almost. Think it's about time to have one to make sure they're fresh!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

How disappointing! I know just what you mean tho. My hubby is a contractor, but most, if not all of his timing depends on the guy before him! He can't begin till that guy is done. And that guy depends on the guy before him. A vicious circle! But it WILL get done! Can't wait to see the progress. (mom looks good!)

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

How well I remember that movie...and that phrase "two weeks". Typical contractor behavior. I won't even tell you the tale of the one we fired when we did our kitchen nearly 16 years ago!
BUT the best part is that in the end you are going to have one AWESOME kitchen. I showed G the pic of the AGA you're getting and he was quite green with envy.(he's the cook). I know your decorating and flare so I look forward to all the AFTER pics!
p.s. your mom has her own kitchen in your house? how cool is that!

Peggy said...

Rosa, I am watching and waiting the outcome. As you know I keep putting off the kitchen redo as I have a fear I will never get my kitchen back. I am hoping to get the courage to start from seeing your new kitchen.

MarkMcL said...


Best of luck with the refit. A purpose built kitchen is a thing to envy especially as we both cook. Although I never saw the appeal of the Aga, Mary hankers after one; I prefer gas.


MarkMcL (aka Mr English).

Linda said...

Those cupcakes look fabulous and, as you said, to pretty to eat. What a lot of work they must have been.

T*mmy said...

I love a fried hot dog myself! Mustard and relish and one of those purdy cuppy cakes for deesert would be Grand!!

Dianne said...

Our builder always said, "Monday" he was always going to show up with his crew on Monday. We waited for the traffic jam when they would show but it just never happened. I got down to a very threatening situation (with me doing all the threatening) before it was done. A six month job took over 1 1 1/2 years!

I love the cupcakes. You have to let us know if they tastes as good as they look!

weirdbunny said...

Look at those cupcakes !!!!

Vallen said...

Oh, the fun has yet to begin my rosy friend. Kitchen remodels are a never-ending source of fun.
Those cupcakes look like they came from a fairy tale bakery.

Beth said...

Awhhh,,,Your Momma is so sweet,,and so happy to be cooking for her peeps,,hope ya'll are staying cool in this miserable weather. Them there cupcakes look yummy,,I love polky dots!!!

Saucy said...

First of all, those cupcakes look divine!!!! You are one lucky blogger.

Second of all, we just finished the three-floor reno of our money pit - and we didn't even TOUCH the bathrooms! I'm worn right out. Still waiting for some cabinetry and bookshelves for the living room, too. Is that your new stove or old stove, Rosa! I am green with envy.



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