Sunday, August 19, 2007


Demo hasn't even started and it's already crazy here! Well, in my head, anyway. (What else is new??) Yesterday was just surreal. In my old(er) age, I am just discombobulated when things are completely in disarray. I used to be able to live like this; but now it makes me nutters. I can't seem to focus, I don't want to do anything and everything I touch just seems to blow up. Blog, case and point. I was just trying to fiddle with it yesterday, and I suppose I fiddled a little too much. Thankfully, I was able to pull it back up, eventually--as in this morning. Now it looks HUGE. Does it look huge folks? Dunno. Even as I type here, the typeface is HUGE. Maybe my eyesight has become a little better so I can see all the messes I have made! Ya think??

There are papers and pieces of kitchen on every surface of my house at this time. OH, except the kitchen, of course. If these people don't start tomorrow, I think I will take it upon myself to begin demo. Now there's an idea. Truthfully, the only thing left for us to do is remove the cornice/valance from the kitchen window. It's going to be a pain. I have to take the valance off the cornices first. Do you think I will ever get it back the way it is now? I doubt it. Oh, and did I ever mention the amount of heat that radiates from these windows? And thus the BLINDS?? Yep, the blinds have to be removed too. It's going to be hotter than a pepper sprout in here while the guys are working. We get full afternoon sun here. Oh, and did I mention we hit 106˚ƒ last week? Yup. Whaaaa. Can I complain any more? Oh, I'm sure I can. Just hang on.

As you can see way above, Bella has discovered the fish here in the {NOT-so} feng shui study. She now drinks water out of the bowls. She had noticed the fish at one point, but I think she prefers the water over anything. I have to be careful and shut the doors when I leave here (this is where the computer is now) so she doesn't eat them. Oh, and yes, of course, I have locked her in here in my quest to keep her out. All fish are accounted for though. Thank goodness, I think she slept the entire time. Since this room is normally off limits to all animules, they are quite enjoying it as the latest hangout--all of them sprawled out at various times I am in here. Or, all at once. Bella doesn't let a whole lot of relaxation take place though. She really digs into the other two cats and doesn't even leave Roo dog alone too much. She likes to spit at her and Roo, in return, hisses back. The dog thinks she's a cat and Bella thinks she's, well, Lord knows what.

We have the first week of school behind us. The kid has been moved to an easier algebra class--math being his weakest subject. I was happy they were on it so quickly. Guess the low score on his first quiz was a red flag, ya think? And then, in science, he red-flags his first quiz there. Poor guy, he had this new orthodontic appliance put in on Thursday that is a real piece of work. Poor thing. He was pretty much a mess afterwards. We (or at least I) forgot all about the quiz on Friday and therefore didn't even study. What a way to start the new year off, eh? Thankfully, he seems to like his classes and teachers this year. That's always a good thing. The teenager loves his teachers and classes--always really good in your senior year! Phew. I'm thankful. He's been working longer shifts at the grocers'; and we had a little chat over that the other night. I've told him that school comes first and if the job ever gets in the way, it's time to pull back. Gonna have to watch him like a hawk--but what else is new, right?

Yesterday, I worked all day on several digital ATCs for a group I'm in only to find out digitals aren't allowed. Just the way the day went. Oh well, I understand. But, to tell you the truth, I spend just about as much time on a digital as I do a 3-d one. I didn't do all that work for nuthin' so I'll share them with you. Think perhaps, I'll just send them to the birthday gals by email. Now there's the best idea I've had in over a week! Yea yea, that's the ticket. Then, whenever I get my life (house) in order, I can make the real McCoy to send out. Now I feel better.

The hub and I are going out for a Sunday drive today. We've been apart for so long, between his travelling and my spending time at Riverside, thought it was time for a little tootle around. And so, we're off!


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Bella is getting soooo big!!!
Thank you for your visit and comments. I would enjoy trading blog lists.
Best ~ Rella

Peggy said...

I am exhausted just reading about your week! Hope you and hubby have a nice relaxing drive and you get your kitchen redo done quickly

Susie said...

Sounds like a break with your hubby should be just the thing. I remember how chaotic it was when our kitchen was torn apart. Bella is sooo cute!!

Beth said...

awh,,,poor kid with is sore mouth, and cute bella. She is getting big.



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