Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day Two

I had purchased this bumper sticker a while back and never put it on my car. Now I know why. It had a more suited place in our house to keep reminding me that it is all ok!

More of the same today. One of the guys came and he tore out the pantry walls. It was a surprise to find the waterlines going to the boys' bath upstairs right there in the middle of the floor. Fun. They're going to have to re-route them to the wall. Guess that's why I'm paying the big bucks, right? This is where the new pull-out pantries and refrigerator are going--replacing the old walk-in.

They tell me I will have much more room for my canned goods and such with these pull-out pantries. I guess more room was wasted on the walk-in part of the walk in than I thought. I think I will kind of miss it. Maybe. Well, maybe not. It sure was a pain trying to get to all the old junk that was stuck way back on the shelves. That was the junk I threw away. Older than the hills. So, I suppose, they are right. It will be nice to be able to pull it out and see both sides of my junk. (This was the only pic I could find on the web that kind of shows how they will look.)

Ew. Another surprise was the mold under the sink. I knew I had smelled it since we moved in but I could never locate it. Lordy. Now I know why. My wood floor guy is coming in the morning and he is going to see if it needs to be replaced or not. Perhaps if the builder had finished it properly with polyurethane before he put the cabinets in, it may not have molded. These builders. Don't even get me started.

With everything moving so darn quickly (grin), I'm already preparing for the floors to be refinished. My guy comes in the morning to see what's on the plate for him. I moved a lot of the stuff into the study today. (You can barely see my computer there at the end now.)

The big pieces will have to wait for the hub and teenager to move. (That cd holder is heavier than all get out!) It looks kinda nice and open in the family room now. Hehe.

Oh how I look forward to the refinishing . Talk about dust city. I think I may have to move out!


T*mmy said...

I'm wondering about mold myself...I sure hate to blame poor Clarence for all of my allergies!!
Love the bumper sticker!!

PEA said...

When I was a little girl and my mom would be brushing my hair and I'd tell her she was hurting me, she would always say "you have to suffer to be beautiful"...I guess the same theory goes for remodeling! lol At least the guys seem to be working fast which is a good thing...just hope they don't find any more surprises like those pipes and that floor mold! Love the bumper sticker! lol xoxo



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