Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Day Off

We actually have a day off from workmen trudging through the house. Hmmm, is that a good thing? It's one day more we have to live like this!

The floor guys came on Monday and finished the second coat of polyurethane on the floors and thus the varmint had to be locked away in the dungeon (or so it appears these days). These are the faces of the criminals as they beg to be released from their hell. Actually, it's my hell. I finally got started on the desk yesterday, sorting and tossing. Yes, this is the infamous desk I moved my computer from. Rather than cleaning it off, I just moved. Pitiful, I know. And there it has sat in such a state of chaos until yesterday. I'll share more pics of the aftermath once I finish today. I'm moving my art supplies here. (Well, they are all already there--the teenager and his friends just kind of chucked them here rather than where I asked them to put them. Note broken wheels--grrrrr.) And even perhaps my computer will once again rest here. We'll see. I kind of like having it in the thick of things rather than locked up there in that dungeon.

We once more have access to the back side of the house and even moved the kitchen table, sofa and plant table back in to bring back a speck of normalcy to the place. This is where I like to plop down late at night, fingering through my catalogs from the day's mail and listen to the TV. It's become a ritual, I'm afraid. Needless to say, I've been hitting the hay a tad earlier these days without it.

The floors do look nice though. It will all be well worth the "adventure" once it's all said and done. I've had to cover all the holes in the floor with whatever I could grab first, being boards or books. Little Miss You-Know-Who has found quite the adventure in going into the duct work under the floorboards. I'm afraid she may get stuck and then more demolition will entail. What a lovely thought.

But, of course, last night, I forgot to put the vent cover back on this one hole. Little brat. It's like having another child around.


MarkMcL said...


What is it about cats and corners, cubby holes and cardboard boxes? When we were still in the cottage whenever we lifted the trap door to the cellar the nearest available moggy would always leap down to investigate. And then squeeze through the gaps in the brickwork and take ages to coax back out. The little minxes!!


MarkMcL aka Mr English

MJ said...

How adorable is that picture of the three little muskateers peering out from the dungeon!!! I bet you are not the only one that will be happy when all the work is done.
Isn't it amazing how very curious cats can be and think that they can do/go anywhere? They have no fear.
Your floors look lovely and I am sure that it will all be worth the wait once everything is done.

:) :) :) :) :)

Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

OMG look at her in that vent...that would be my Daisy for sure! and I love the little inmates peering through the door.
The floors look AMAZING, I cannot wait to see the kitchen finished(I know, NOT as much as you!). We redid our kitchen 16,almost 17 years ago and I am so wanting to do it over. Just not the mess...our house is small and there really aren't get away places like you have. I just love your house!

T*mmy said...

LoL!!! I have a fear of Clarence getting by me when I get the broom out of the basement door...he could be lost forever down really is a dungeon!!

Vallen said...

I once lost a kitty for a whole day in the cupboard, up the vent, under the stovetop. Why do they treat us like that? It is some sick little kitty game.

PEA said...

Hello dear Rosa:-) Finally have some time to come visit and catch up on all your news! I can see that the work on the kitchen is still going on so I can well imagine how anxious you are for it to be all done!! Your floor is looking great, though. I'm still giggling at that first picture of the 3 kitties looking through the door windows! hehe xox

Linda said...

That photo is so funny. They just don't understand-so pathetic.

Janet said...

Having cats is rather like having kids....only the cats can't be trained!! I love the photo of the three cats looking through the door.

Dianne said...

That is the greatest picture! Cats can be so funny.

Carol said...

HI Rosa,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself! It is a pleasure to stop by your blog - OMG I just love that pic of the kitties behind the french door! What they must be thinking!
Best of luck on your home. You hve echoed my own sentiments so closely....those contractors are enough to drive one to the cellar with the cats!
Great to meet you....



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