Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A New Mag

Just what I need. Another magazine to read. Don't think I've read the last ones I bought yet. But this one . . . well, it's different.

I was looking for something I needed from one of my old trusty webpage bookmarks. For some reason, this one bookmark was in the wrong file. It wasn't under Blogs at all. I must have filed it very early in my blogging "career" as I probably didn't even have a blog file at that time. At any rate, this blog was one of my first favorites that I would visit over and over. It was such a lovely blog and inspired me in so many ways. And, for one reason or another, I lost touch.

I'm speaking of non-other than Posy, of course. I'm sure most of you know this gorgeous blog. I couldn't wait to go and see what was happening in Posy's world once I ran across it again. Well, not to my surprise, she had a post about being written up in this new magazine "Artful Blogging." Now, I had not even heard of it. Mwaw, Queen of Mags, not a peep. So today, as I was shopping for some baskets (will tell you that story tomorrow), there it was at the checkout counter, calling out to me "Buy me, buy me!" And I did.

Another mention at the very beginning is our lovely and talented Pam Garrison. I have been lucky enough to have purchased a pacakge of her vintage wallpaper (which I have used in all types of collages) through her Etsy shop. All I have to say is that the label she addressed to me was a piece of art in itself. (And, yes, I saved it.) I have barely even skimmed through this new magazine, but I know there are several more blogs that I love also chosen to be in the premier issue. At least I think it's a premiere issue. Or else, I would have already heard about it, right?

I am totally exhausted, floor man coming tomorrow to begin sanding!! AS if. One day's notice to clean out all my downstairs closets. Yes, I said, ALL MY CLOSETS!! Of course, I have pics to share; but that will have to be another day. I am jumping in the shower and rinsing off today's sweat (and tears--for being such a slob) and crawling under the kivers with my new mag.

I can't wait to see who's in it and look forward to finding some new places to visit. Will tell you more tomorrow!


Saucy said...

Aaak! Closets. We just did ours last week. Total chaos but now complete and I am so, so very happy with the results - we did slate tile all through but they had to be etched down, grouted and sealed. If I had known better, I'd have put the hardwood back in.

The magazine - is that the Stampington one? I've subscribed but am still waiting for my first issue... I hope I didn't miss out on a good read.

T*mmy said...

Well, what do you know...we shoulda knowed they would have come out with this type of!!
I like some blogs to look at just cause they are purdy, lots of times though the blog owner ain't all that I just stick with my "tried & true", which you are at the top o' the heap my friend!!

Vallen said...

I had to send for a copy because all the places I went to buy one didn't have it yet. I hopefully will get it tomorrow.

Peggy said...

I can't wait to find this magazine! Thanks for sharing! Still watching your kitchen redo to get the nerve to start mine. Your's seems to be going good so far

Beth said...

Oh yeah,,I had to have this mag too. Its is just delicous eye candy,,loved it!!!



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