Saturday, August 25, 2007

Glorious Rain

Rain in the Gutters (and more shingles of the other variety)

It's a glorious morning here (except that neighbor mowing his lawn). Quiet it down out there mista!

I'm about to head out to sit on the porch and enjoy what we have left of the morning and sip my coffee.

We had a wonderful thunder storm again last night. You can feel the difference in the temperature today. Even the sun seems happier not having to work so hard.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.


Beth said...

Glad you posted a pic of that wet stuff cuz we sure didn't get any over here in on my side of town,,send me some the next time!!!

Artsy said...

I hope it has brought you some relief. I know I'm ready for fall. Thank you for your sweet emails. I'm doing much better...adjusting. At time goes on, it gets easier.


Rachel said...

Rain!!!! Lucky you!! We still haven't gotten any and it looks like maybe near the end of next week now. Sigh.

We are still dry and hot!



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