Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday, Monday

All our friends have left for home and the kid and I are just sitting back at Riverside chillin' and watchin' the river flow. All of a sudden the sun has disappeared and it looks like we may get some rain--tut tut. We were supposed to have a rainy weekend, but we didn't get a drop. I was actually looking forward to the rain so maybe now it will finally arrive. Two bluebirds were sitting just outside the window Of course, by the time I found the binoculars and focused in on them, they were gone, poof. The kid and I attempted at one point to put a bird feeder outside this window but found it futile. It would have been difficult to keep clean anyway. Perhaps a birdhouse. Now there's thinking! Ah haw! It's such a lovely spot to sit here and watch the outside world of river life. As you can see, Bella enjoys it as much as we do.

Saturday, we found a new place to have lunch at one of the many marinas in town. Another hot spot to add to the growing list of eateries here. As I mentioned, we were supposed to get rain, and it sure did look as though we would get some. We saw the storm coming in and buzzed on

over to the pier to watch it come in. I don't think it ever did hit Fairhope. It sure looked omnibus though. It just makes me giddy to watch these storms. And here is one of the newest additions to the flock of Fairhope pelicans. Isn't it adorable? A little construction pelican, hehe.

Yesterday was a day of fun. We first went to lunch at Lulu's, one of the infamous places in Gulf Shores. It's quite the tourist trap, but I do enjoy their fru fru drinks and L.A. Caviar (Lower Alabama--of course). They have the best pina coladas around (even if they don't put but a lick of alcohol in them--which is probably a good thing). The boys had their virgin daqs--strawberry and key lime. How refreshing. Sorry, I had already dug into the LA Caviar before even taking a pic. Soooo good on crackers. (There's those peas again!)

After our bellies were good and full, we headed over to the Coastal Living Dream Home just across the way. I haven't been to one of these in years--they make me depressed. Who wants to go to a $2 million house and then go home? hehe. I am so happy we went though. It was gorgeous, needless to say. At 2 mil, I guess it should be. Golly. Of course, I did pick up some ideas to use. (Don't tell the hub!)

I loved this hanging shelf. Perhaps in our nook in the master bedroom? Hmmmm. Oh yea, I thinks so.

These shadow box ideas have been added to the kid and I's list of things to do. I'll let you know when we're finished. Wink wink.

Loved the horizontal striped bath. The colors in the house were very soothing, just what I am looking for at Riverside. (Did I mention the paint bug is beginning to bite again? After a visit to a show home, how couldn't it? Don't know if I'm --ever-- ready to do stripes again though, grrrrrr.) Here are a few more shots of some of my favorite spots. DANGEROUS!

Who doesn't like taupe?

And a beautiful laundry room (yea, right).

Clean pendant lighting.

And lots of extra pillows for cuddling with (when the hub is not home).

And a house with major curb appeal.

Makes ya just want to start a home redo, don't it? Too much so.



Thanks for the show and tell. You have to do those red beach letters that were in the laundry room somewhere. My kids are all ready back in school!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Rosa!

It always looks like you have such a lovely time and that`s some house there! Pina Colada...yum.
Just adore that picture of Dave & Bella :)


T*mmy said...

My Dream HOME!!!!
Only I would park it Destin right on the white sandy beach :D
PS...I wrote about a lil' gal named Bella today.

Peggy said...

Althought the dream home is nice I love your home and decor much better!

Anonymous said...

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