Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kitties at Riverside

I think we all are enjoying having Bella with us at Riverside. She is growing leaps and bounds. She still has her moments of "attack cat;" but mostly I have put an end to it--against me, anyway. Just before leaving home, she went in for her three-week checkup. I told the vet how feisty she was and how she would attack (and hurt) me. The vet said "Her mother wouldn't stand for that, and you shouldn't either." Well, that makes perfect sense. She showed me how to hold her down when she got in her attack mode and so far, it has worked. She no longer attacks me, unless of course, I instigate it.

Our friends from Virginia are here and we are truly enjoying our catching up. "Leenda" and her son are here for the week. Last year, her daughter was here with us also. Of course, then, we didn't have Riverside. It's nice to have a place of our own to sit and relax. She brought me the sweetest gifts. The above is a "hobo" plaque. Apparently, hobos used to leave signs for their fellow "friends"--whether they be warnings or letting them know about nice places. The "Smiling Cat" means "Kind Hearted Woman." Isn't that sweet? I'm going to hang it in my nook here by my computer.

We have been busy doing the least amount of anything. Yesterday, we floated in the river. Today we went to the Weeks Bay Reserve Foundation and walked around the marshes, the wetlands and out to the Bay and enjoyed the coolish weather we're experiencing here. Strange for mid July, to say the least. We've been dining on lots of fresh fruits bought at the farmer's market and tonight we even made supper at home, imagine that. It was gud.

The teenager and the hub went to Auburn University yesterday for a tour. The teenager is starting to decide where he wants to go to college. He was very excited with Auburn. The University of Tennessee is next on their list of road trips. He gets his senior pictures taken this week. Fancy schmancy these days. The basic sitting includes cap and gown, formal and two other change of clothes. Gee whiz. We had cap and gown and that was it! He even had a choice of photos taken with his car or other miscellaneous props. Of course, that was a tad much. Whaaaa. Baby (18-year old) almost grown. Hehe, he IS grown!!! Whaaaa.

Bedtime here down south. Will have to write more later.


cityfarmer said...

Been away tooooo long...soooooo busy with wedding, showers and trying to earn some sort of a living.....to pay for all the weddings and showers...trying desperately to hag in there with blogging...how'bout you?

Connie said...

That kitty is just the sweetest. So glad the vet gave you some hints on controling her playfulness. Getting scratches is not fun.

Take care,

Dianne said...

I think you're a kind hearted woman too. Also, a great cook!

Peggy said...

When I come back in my next life I want to come back as your cat. LOL she is a sweetie and I am jealous she is getting to enjoy your beautiful riverhouse.

Susie said...

That hobo plaque is just the cutest I've ever seen :)
Glad you got some help for little Bella's bad habits

Mrs. Staggs said...

It sounds like the perfect way to spend time with your friend. Just visitn'.
That Miss Bella, she gets cuter by the minute!



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