Saturday, July 07, 2007

Mo' NO

Here's some mo' pics from New Orleans. Still loving that Spanish Moss.

This was a lady at Aunt Sally's candy shop in the French Market making pralines, excuse me Creole pralines. Yum. The cuz and I said we were going to stop back by and pick some up but we never did. Grrrr. Oh well.

While in New Orleans . . . have to get a Hurricane! (I forgot what cocktail Raphi ordered, but it sure was colorful!) We went to Mulate's for supper, an old establishment that has live zydeco and a big ol' dance floor. The cuz and kid went out for the chicken dance and MY SON left her on the dance floor. I had a talkin' to that kid. "Never, ever leave a young lady on the dance floor alone!" Geesh. Raphi saved her and finished the dance out. It was hilarious! Guess the chicken dance is a world-wide phenomena! I forgot what drink Raphi ordered, but those colors sure were pretty. Grin.

Of course, I ordered red beans and rice to start. Duh. It was delicious. For supper, Raphi had the gator and I had blackened shrimp. Everything was very, very good.

After supper, we strolled back to the hotel. The kids wanted to go swimming again and Raphi wanted to see Bourbon Street in it's glory--at night. When we arrived at the hotel, we were walking through the lobby and I noticed three guys talking to the concierge that looked straight out of a rap video. We made it to the elevator and I told the cuz that they were rappers; her being up on today's music and all. She immediately saved the elevator for them and low and behold they came in. I was trying to contain myself after my Hurricane (well, maybe it was two) and one was going on and on about not being put in the top-floor penthouse. "I can't believe they put us on the 22nd floor!" the one kept on saying, over and over. Of course, I had to pipe in, in all my ghettoness, and say "Aw man, they only put us on the 17th flo'!!" hehe. (Again, picture Lucy.) The guy in charge was like "Man, naw, it just ain't right." I think Raphi and the rest of my homies were just about dying by this time. The guy goes "I'm gonna send you up a bottle of champagne, send her up a bottle" talking to one of his homies. I was like "Aight."

Of course, it was then time to get off the elevator and we said our take-it-easies and he goes "Do you know Lil Wayne?" I turned back and grabbed his hand to shake it saying "I knew you was a rappa!" He said "What do you like to drink? We're going to send you up a bottle of Moet Chandon, what's your room numba?" I gave it to him and the door closed. My peeps and I could barely contain ourselves until we made it to our room where we all jumped on the bed in a burst of laughter! Lord have mercy. Then it hit me. Who was this guy I just gave our room number to??? Either he was going to send us a bottle of bubbly or send his squad up to kill us all for acting the fool! At any rate, we were all on cloud nine. It was absolutely hilarious. Of course, I had never heard of Lil Wayne. Had to call the teenager. Apparently he hangs with Lil Jon, king of crunk, who I do know--well not personally, mind you (hey, I have kids, ya know!). The cuz called her mom because she was so excited. Mom looked Wayne up on her computer and played some of his music. We're talking hard-core rap. Oh dear. lol. (Cuz's mom probably wondered about my adult supervision about that time.)

Each time we heard a noise, Raphi would run to the door to see if it were our champagne. We finally decided to go to the pool and left Raphi in charge of signing for the bubbly. After a bit, Raphael showed up at the pool--with a sad face. There was to be no champagne that night. Pout. But the excitement of the possibility just made the trip that much more special. Since I had given our room number out to some strange rapper, we decided against going to Bourbon Street for a quick jaunt and leaving the kids alone in the room. Hey, I'm not completely irresponsible!

When we made it back to Riverside and had access to a computer, we all looked up Lil Wayne. It definitely wasn't Lil Wayne we were hanging with in the elevator but probably one of his boyz, I suppose. After I thought about it, he never did say he was Lil Wayne, he asked me if I knew Lil Wayne (which I never did admit to him that I did not, Lord forbid). Whoever the guys were, they sho did make for a fun elevator ride. You just never know who you'll run into at the W Hotel. And you never, ever know what's gonna come out of my mouth!


T*mmy said...

I've only had one Hurricane in my life and that was at the Hard Rock Cafe-Destin Fl. during Hurricane Francis...and it was on an empty stomach...eech!!
We then went next door to an "Outdoor World" and I was talked into paying for one of those vacation deals where you listen to a did take it...ended up moving to Ohio.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I sat here and read this laughing out loud, I mean OUT LOUD. G sitting near by says "what's so funny?" So I tell him "it's Rosa's post, it's hilarious, you wanna hear it?" First I tell him "Rosa is the one who has the place on the river called Riverside" - "ah, ok" he says. You see I have certain identifiers I use to keep him straight on who's who.
So I read your post aloud and he was cracking up....he said "that's a GREAT story!"
You have the most amazing sense of humor - I think traveling with you would be a BLAST!

Raphi said...

Yes! This was really fun, thank you for this good time in New Orleans!!!

Vallen said...

Hoot, I wanna hang wich y'all

Janet said...

You really had me laughing with this one! I can't believe they didn't send the champagne! No class!!

Dianne said...

Love red beans and rice and always try to duplicate it at home but it just doesn't take the same. This post made me salivate.

AnnieElf said...

What a funny story re: Lil Wayne. Enjoy it, LOTS. Now about the champagne.



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