Saturday, July 14, 2007

Misc. Saturday

The hub and I enjoyed a Saturday morning sitting on the porch gabbing, reading newspapers and just swinging. It's been a while since we've actually been together to do this. Between his biz travel and my jaunts to Riverside, it seems the summer weekends are passing us by as quick as a whip.

As promised, to myself, I did go out and get a couple of bright flowers to spread about in the front. I got my usual New Guinea impatiens for the pillars and then a couple of double impatiens to put elsewhere. I've always loved the bright colors of the New Guineas and the sweetheart-rose appearance of the double bloomers. I don't want to buy too many plants as I'm off again next weekend and I'm sure they'll all be dead when I get back. It's one thing asking the hub and teenager to water what's on the porch; but after that, the plants are on their own. I can't complain. They both have truthfully done a great job with the spider plants and ferns. No complaints! They all are thriving even in my absence! Probably water them better than I do.

Have big company coming to Riverside in the weeks to come. Our dear friends from Virginia are coming down next Sunday and then my SIL Mary Jane arrives the following week. MJ wanted to see the place then we'll head on back to Nashville to be with mom for most of her visit. Can't wait to see all of them!

Bella continues to steal all of our hearts every day. She is a rascal, I tell you. I think we've made the mistake of making our bed a play pen. We get her up there and get her all roused up. Then, when it's time to go to bed -- or any time of the night, for that matter -- she thinks that's the place she is to go when she wants to play. I hate closing my door at night but with her in my face at 1 a.m, 2 a.m., 3 a.m., it's a must to do so.

Tomorrow is the teenager's 18th birthday. Wow, where does time go? It seems like just yesterday, I was strolling him around. Pout. My first born is almost an adult. (To prove it, he got his first speeding ticket yesterday. Well, in fact, the police officer let him off with just a warning. He was on a road with construction and this one stretch had a different speed limit and he wasn't paying attention. Thank goodness he was only going a little over five miles past the speed limit--that and having a pretty lady in the car didn't hurt either, I'm sure. hehe.) Any way, I have to go out today and do a little shopping. I've already sent him, via iTunes, Alice Cooper's Love it To Death album, which includes one of my faves, 18. How could I resist? We're having a pasta dinner for him and his friends tomorrow evening. Think we'll trash his car with balloons in the morning and write all over the windows. He's probably expecting it. We like to sneak up while he's working and put strange writings all over his car and then play dumb. hehe. The last time, we put hearts and stuff all over it; and he swore it was his ex-girlfriend. giggle. We finally had to come clean before too much damage was done. Such a big milestone tomorrow. Sniff sniff.

I'll leave you with last night's sunset as I exit with tears in my eyes.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Oh, I'd love to relax and sit on such a beautiful porch!
Bella looks ever so sweet! She has also stolen my heart...
Nice sunset!

Susie said...

What a gorgeous front porch. I'd be out there as often as I could. Bella is adorable, but I hear you about the middle of the night issues :)
Happy Birthday to your son. Eighteen is a real milestone...

Linda said...

What a great front porch. That photo of the sunset is breathtaking!

Vallen said...

Oh, that porch is dreamy! Don't know if I could pull myself away from it. You'd have to bring my meals out to me.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Hi Rosa,
Yep, it's a strange time in a mom's life for sure. I always find it a little hard to put the feelings into words, but certainly, it is a bittersweet time in our lives. Toss in everything that's going on with our parents and it's a wonder we don't just ride off into that beautiful sunset. Wow, it sure is amazing!
Miss Bella is such a charmer. I'm enjoying the pictures of her antics!
Best wishes to your son. I hope this special year brings wonderful things his way!



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