Friday, July 13, 2007

Simplicity is Expensive

Country Living Magazine Page

I've been going through all my catalogs trying to get in on all the summer sales. Even with the sales, geesh, things are expensive. Or is it that I just have expensive tastes? Probably the latter, as I am often told by loved ones.

Is it only me that has to go through every catalog that comes through the mail or are there other catalog freaks out there? I mean, Lord forbid I ever throw one out before perusing through it--even if the last edition just came in with a different cover last week? Do any of you have to "page" shop (as opposed to window shop) in every catalog? If I see something I want to purchase, I pull the page and sort it in "Home," "Riverside," "Ideas," "Art," or any other tittle that seems fit. Do I purchase everything I pull? Gawd no. If I did, we would be in the poor house.

I did, however, finally order some linens for our master bedroom at Riverside. I think I made a major faux pas in purchasing a down comforter when we first got the place. Ew. To remind you all, I have the most sensitive nose on earth, yes, on this earth. I kept smelling an odor in our bedroom. I couldn't find it, but it was driving me absolutely berserk. I finally put my nose on it--it was the down! I had it dry cleaned. It came back smelling a little better; but I suppose the humidity and the fact that it's closed up for long periods of time with the heat gave it a smell that does not seem to want to leave. Think I'll have to bring it up here and find a down-alternative comforter for down there. I'll wait until I get back and hit the outlets. I did, however, order a cover and some pillow shams from a catalog (of course) that I have had my eye on for many months. Finally, they went on sale. Of course, I had to order the most expensive stuff--sale or no sale--linen. Hey, it goes with the heat, mind you. And it's just super simplistic. A pale, pale blue linen duvet cover. That's it. White oxford cotton sheets, boom/done. I'm going for simple and calm.

My flowers of the month arrived yesterday. They are lovely. I'm really enjoying them. My bubba is just too sweet. Oh, and we also received our chocolate of the month also.

Yummo. Take a look at this chocolate cake! It is like to die for. We had a slice for dessert last night. I think that's straight fudge in the middle! Sigh.

Ok, I've promised myself to go out and get some flowers for planting. I'm on my way, self. Promise.


PG said...

God, did you make that cake or buy it - it looks amazing...

Dianne said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who tears out magazine pages. You never know when you might need them, right? Even if it's not for merchandise, you can get some great decorating ideas.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Give us the address for chocolate of the month...heck I'm gonna go google it.

Vallen said...

I love to catalog shop. I too need to see every page of every catalog. It's a sickness.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Beautiful flowers and your porch is so pretty. I'm often wondering out loud as to why less expensive things can't still be simple and tasteful too. I understand about the cost of materials, but I don't understand why the "look" of things costs more. I'm a little bit particular about what I buy, and I have to budget more. I think that's one reason I like so many old things. I can have the real thing, made from natural and solid materials and be a little bit original too. I'm not a catalog or Internet shopper. I like to see and touch things first.



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